Do It Yourself Mole Removal Guide

Moles are benign skin growths. They are usually brown or black in color. They appear almost everywhere the human body, in groups or alone in one part. Moles commonly appear during a person’s early childhood then disappear during adulthood. In some cases, moles appear during adulthood. Moles may or may not change. For some people, their moles slowly become light in color and get big or raised as time goes by, while for some, they still remain the same.

The growth of moles in the skin is caused by the accumulation of melanocytes in cluster rather being spread out. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for the pigments that give natural color to our skin. There two types of moles: congenital nevi, which appears at birth, and dysplastic nevi, which is larger than the common type of moles.

Typically, moles do not give disturbances to people. There are painless. However, if your moles is bleeding or feel itchy, and you observe a change in it, it is recommended to go see a dermatologist and have him or her check your moles.

However, there are also risks that moles may be cancerous. A form of skin cancer caused by moles is melanoma. There are factors one has to check in order to diagnose if the mole is cancerous. If these factors are found, then one should better consult the dermatologist. For some people, even if their moles are not harmful, they still opt to have them removed, especially when big moles appear on the face. For them, moles are hindrances to beauty. Of course, there are medical procedures in removing moles. But, cosmetic surgery is expensive. If you do not have enough money to spend, there are alternative ways to get rid of your moles. The most common and effective way for do it yourself mole removal is the use of castor seed oil. You can buy the ingredients of this home remedy is any grocery stores. What you need are castor seed oil, baking soda, hot water, cloth, band-aids, alcohol, emery board, and needle.

First, to make the mole removal cream, combine the castor seed oil and baking soda. Combine an amount of these two by only how much you need. Before you begin applying the paste onto your moles, soak a piece of cloth into the hot water and dampen onto your moles. Then, sterilize the needle using alcohol and hot water. Make a scratch, using the needle, into the center of the mole. This technique allows the paste to enter the root of the mole. Then, using the emery board, open up the scratch and apply the paste. Completely cover the mole with the paste. Last, cover the mole with band-aid. The scratching of the mole shall only happen once. The succeeding days, you just have to apply the paste and cover with band-aid. Repeat this procedure until the mole is being removed.