Does Mole Removal Hurt?

Early on, you have learned what moles are, what causes them to grow, what are the different types of moles, and what are the possible treatments or removal, whether a home remedy or medical treatment.

As discussed also in previous posts, moles are part of every person’s life. All people have moles, but only differ in the amount of visible marks and types. Since they are benign skin growths, most people are not usually bothered by their presence. However, during instances when huge dark moles are present in the face, then they become hindrances and bother the person. The most awkward positions of the moles in the face are on the side lip and nose. When moles become bothersome, or in rare instances when red moles are diagnose to melanoma, then mole removal becomes the best option.

But, of course, talking about mole removal, you might probably ask, “Does mole removal hurt?”

My answer is, “It depends on what kind of procedure you will undergo.” Having been knowledgeable about the different treatments for mole removal, I attest that medical treatment or simply mole removal done by professionals is the safest and pain-free mole removal technique. Those who resort to home mole removal remedies claim that removing moles on your own is problematic. The most popular home remedies for mole removal are the use of baking soda with castor oil, apple cider vinegar, pure honey, and dandelion roots. Just apply or rub the materials until the mole is removed, but the effect is not instant. It may take a while before you can totally get rid of your mole, especially when it’s bigger than the normal size of your other moles. In worst cases, some resort to pricking or cutting the moles to get rid of them. This is the most painful of all techniques, and stupid as well. If you think you can get rid of them, you’re just fooling yourself because even if you believe your moles was removed, you just imprinted a visible permanent scar because of cutting or pricking. Why involved yourself in such situation when there are other options possible? In fact, there are already over-the-counter mole removal creams available in the pharmacy.

And, as what mentioned earlier, you can seek the help of professionals to remove your moles. The process starts with applying antiseptic solution to clean the infected area. Then, by the use of local anesthesia, you won’t feel anything when the doctor starts to scrape off your mole using his or her safe tools of course. The next thing you, it’s gone already.