Natural Skin Tag Removal at Home

One of the unpleasant skin conditions that several people worry about is the growth of skin tags. Skin tags are small, normally as small as a rice grain, stalk-like skin growths that are normally flesh or brown in color, depending on the person’s skin tone. A lot get confused whether the skin growth is a skin tag or a wart. A skin tag is smooth in texture, while a wart feels rough when being touch. A skin tag never gets black in color, except when it is already cancerous, while a wart has black specs. Also, a wart is contagious, while a skin tag is not.

Skin tags are benign and not painful skin growths. They are scientifically called acrochorda. Skin tags are caused by skin friction—the rubbing of skin against skin. The skin friction occurs when there are creases or skin folds. And so, the most prominent parts of the body where creases and skin folds are present are in the neck, eyelids, groins, and under the breast. Also, skin folds are prominent to those who are aging and those who are obese and overweight. As mentioned above, skin tags are innately benign, although there are rare instances when they become cancerous. In fact, half of the population of the United States has skin tags. If the skin tags get itchy, bleed, and change color to red, green, or black, consult a dermatologist right away. But, although skin tags are not dangerous, most people who have them want to get rid of them because they are unpleasant to look at, especially when they appear on the face.

One common treatment for skin tag is through medical procedures, like surgery and laser. But of course, these procedures are expensive. And so, some resort to natural skin tag removal at home. When we talk about “natural,” that does not mean just about any home remedies. Do not attempt to cut the skin tag off by using a nail clipper or scissor or tying the base of the skin tag with a dental floss and abruptly pull it or pricking it to make it bleed. The “natural” means the technique that involves nature ingredients, like combining a teaspoon on baking soda and apple vinegar cider to create a paste and then apply it on the skin tag for several times a day. Another natural home removal is applying a tea tree oil. Also, there are skin tag removal creams available in the pharmacy like the Dermisil that uses natural ingredients and the Amoils essential oils.