Natural Remedies to Dissolve Skin Tags

Skin tags are very common skin problems among adults. Skin tags look like skin blemishes with hanging stalk-like skin growth that may be flesh in color or depending on the person’s skin tone. Unlike warts that are rough in texture, skin tags are smooth. Skin tags are caused by skin rubbing against skin or what is normally called skin friction. People of old age, obese, pregnant, and or with diabetes are in high risk of developing skin tags. For the oldies and those that are classified as obese are at high risk because of the inevitable formation of creases or skin folds that are produced by skin friction. Skin tags are normally found on areas of the body where creases are, like on the eyelids, under the breast, neck, armpits, and groins. For pregnant women, skin tags may develop because during pregnancy, women get high levels of growth hormones.

Skin tags are only disturbing to look at but they are benign skin growths. People with skin tags opt to have them remove not because of health problems but because of physical problems. Since skin tags may grow in the face, especially in the eyelids, they can be extremely disturbing. Certainly, one can consult a doctor to learn treatments for the removal of skin tags, but some people’s problem is that this condition is excluded in their health insurance. This means they have to be financially prepared for the treatment. The reason why insurance companies exclude skin tag treatment is because it is already considered as cosmetic. Dermatologists are the best options to have your skin tags removed. Freezing the skin tags using liquid nitrogen or laser is used to remove skin tags. There are also over-the-counter removal creams that dermatologists prescribe.

But, if you are on a low budget, there are organic and natural ingredients that help dissolve skin tags. Castor oil and mineral salt are two of the most popular natural skin tag removal. You can also try onion juice and dandelion roots. Extra a whole onion and juice it. Apply daily, several times a day, on the skin tags until they fall off naturally. For dandelions, only extract the roots. Use cotton swabs to daily apply to your skin tags. Dandelion roots have been a natural remedy for skin-related illnesses during the ancient times.

These natural home remedies are best options for the gradual removal of skin tags. In less than a month, you can definitely see a surprising change.