How Much Is Skin Tag Removal?

There are several skin tag removal options, but the cost of each treatment varies on the complexity of the procedure.

Although skin tags are benign tumors and do not pose a threat to anyone who has them, some still opt to get rid of them because skin tags get in their way. For example, if one has skin tags in the face, he or she feels uncomfortable and unpretty because of how his or her face appears with the skin tags. Unusual skin growth can make a person lose his or her self-confidence because an individual’s physical appearance is very important. It mirrors both inner and outer beauty and it helps boost a person’s self-esteem. And so, if there is anything that hinders a person to be confident about him or herself, then there’s got to be a solution.

“How much is skin tag removal?” most of those who are concerned usually ask. I will discuss in this article each skin tag removal options starting from the expensive to the lowest price.

When you opt to consult a doctor to have your skin tags removed, you must have a head start on saving a few hundred bucks because admittedly, there is no free consultation or free surgery or treatment nowadays. One of the skin tag removal options is cryotherapy. It is a laser treatment that freezes the skin tags with cold liquid nitrogen. Those who underwent cryotherapy said to have felt a burning sensation, just like a bee sting, when the procedure was donebut the pain will only last for a few minutes. In less than a week, the skin tags will naturally fall off. Cryotherapy costs as much as $600 per body part including the doctor’s fee and consultation.

For those who opt not to under the laser treatment, they can still consult a doctor and have their skin tags removed by manual procedure and less cost. The doctor or dermatologist uses a scalpel to cut off the hanging skin tag. There may be possible scars because the removed skin will bleed due to the detachment but dermatologists have solutions for cases like that. In average, this procedure costs $200.

If you don’t want to consult the doctor because who want to try available treatment creams for skin tags, then you better choose Dermatend and Dermasil. Dermatend and Dermasil skin tag removal creams cost not more than $100. Both brands use natural ingredients so it is up to you, which brand you feel more suits your taste and satisfaction.