The 3 Factors that Affect Laser Hair Removal Cost

Contrary to most commonly held beliefs that the cost of laser hair removal depends on your country, city, physician, clinic, or the laser machine, the factors that actually affects laser hair removal cost are beyond those things just mentioned, or should I say that your country etc, plays a very small roll in laser hair removal cost. Some laser hair removal clinics base the cost on specific areas to be treated, the time that needs to be consumed for the treatment, and the number of pulses done to complete the treatment. Let me discuss each of the factors.

First are the areas of the body to be treated. Of course, the bigger the area, the higher the price will be. Second is the time consumed, which is also related to the first factor. Laser hair removal treatment on the legs will take longer than laser treatment on the underarms. The third factor is the number of pulses used per treatment. A single beam of the laser is called a pulse. A single pulse takes only a second but it can eliminate more or less around a hundred hairs. The pulses differ per laser spot size. Since different laser machines have dissimilar spot sizes, the pulses differ as well. For first-timers, the cost may be higher on the first session than the succeeding ones because the growth of hairs in the following weeks will be less than the growth of the original treatment. Also, since every individual is unique, each has different body hair growth patterns as well. Some have more visible hairs on the arms and legs while other people don’t.

In addition to the cost per treatment related to the above factors, there are some clinics that offer fixed price packages on laser hair removal. Usually, a specific area of the body like the underarms and a number of sessions are included in a package at a discounted rate.

The cost is a deciding factor to those who want to undergo the treatment because, of course, people want to be satisfied with the service in exchange for what they paid. Aside from the cost, one has to choose a clinic that has licensed laser machines by the Food and Drug Administration and licensed physicians or laser technicians to perform the treatment. What all of us need to remember is, one must not compromise his or her safety just to pay less. I recommend that you consult a physician first so that he or she may ensure the kind of treatment your body needs and may provide you with an exact quotation.