The Best Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Having facial skin problems is detrimental to self-confidence and physical aesthetics, especially for us women. I too, faced a stage in my life when I had acne outbreaks and incessant skin irritation. No, it wasn’t during my puberty phase. My skin condition got worse when I migrated to the Middle East. I consulted a dermatologist after a month of stay. I asked what caused my skin irritation, and she said a lot of factors such as change in the environment, temperature, weather, water, dust, etc. Finding the best face cleanser for sensitive skin is no easy task.

There are several classifications of skin types — from normal, to dry, to oily, to combination types — but the most problematic of all is sensitive skin. Unlike the other skin types that have precise solutions for treatment, sensitive skin requires serious consultation before any treatment is prescribed. I found out that I have sensitive skin and only I could determine which of the factors mentioned by my dermatologist caused my skin problems.

It seems like a trial and error way of finding out what the culprit is but it works. In my case, I learned that I cannot control the conditions in this new environment. My skin has to adjust itself to the extreme temperatures in this part of the globe. The best I can do for my skin care is using products suitable for my sensitive skin.

Nevertheless, my dermatologist prescribed acne gels and creams and a mild facial cleanser for my sensitive facial skin. I would like to share with you my new found beauty essentials. Cetaphil® is my choice for the best face cleanser for sensitive skin. I instantly fell in love with Cetaphil® from the beginning because it is so gentle on the skin.

Cetaphil® has been satisfying users of every age and every skin type since 1947. Cetaphil’s first product was a cleansing lotion, but over the years, up to the present, the brand has improved its product line by continuously adapting advance skin care technologies. There are now an array of products to choose from including face and body cleansers, moisturizers, and moisturizers with SPF.

My personal choice of face cleanser is the Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser. It has a liquid base that is mild, fragrance-free non-irritating, non-comedogenic, based on a hypoallergenic formula, neutral pH, and it prepares the skin for topical medications. For people with normal to oily skin, I recommend the Cetaphil® Daily Facial Cleanser. I’ll share with you a personal tip. For those who have sensitive skin like me, instead of using some brands of makeup remover, just dab a solution of Cetaphil® Daily Facial Cleanser on a cotton pad and use it as a makeup remover before using Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser. The most amazing thing about Cetaphil® is anyone of any age and stage in life, whether children, teens, adults, or the elderly, can use their products, that is why it has remained the number 1 recommended brand of cleansers and moisturizers of dermatologists and pediatricians.