DIY Tips on How to Cut Hair in Layers

Hairstyles used to be my enemies. I was never confident with flaunting any kind of hairstyle because every time I had my hair done, I felt uncomfortable, like it didn’t fit me at all. I wanted a hairstyle that is not high maintenance to manage because I work a hectic schedule.

Thank goodness these memories are all part of the past! It has been three years since I found my all-time favorite hairstyle — the layered cut. I loved it instantly, and still do. It is so versatile! Just a little twitch and fuss, it’ll turn out sexy and still in style. I’ve tried it out both on short and long hair, and it still turns out amazingly well.

Even celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Cameron Diaz, Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, and a lot more well known folks sport a layered hairstyle. According to professional hairstylists, a layered hairstyle works best for those who have a square face shape like me because the layere look softens the jaw line and gives a bouncy look to the hair.

Unlike a trim cut, the layered hairstyle is more challenging to achieve. Of course you always have an option to go to the salon and have you hair cut, but for those who want to became adventurous in hairstyling like me, a DIY haircut sounds more fun. This way, you have full control over your desired look.

Follow these easy DIY tips on how to cut hair in layers:

Always keep in mind that the first step in hairstyling is conditioning the hair by washing it clean. The hair is easier to cut and manage when wet. Brush your hair to make sure no tangles will bother you when you start cutting your hair. Then, gather your hair up into a ponytail, a little above your ears.

First layering:

Turn your head upside down, including the ponytail, just enough that you have a full view of the tip of your hair. Tip: position the tip at nose level. Decide at this point how short you want your hair trimmed.

Second layering:

Untie your hair and brush it until it settles back to its natural style. The first layer down will be your guide on the length needed for the succeeding upper layers. Then, using a fine-tooth comb, divide your hair in the middle.

Imagine wearing a headband. Gather all hair that is close to your face and then clip the remaining hair behind the imaginary headband. Again at nose level, cut the end of the hair. Repeat the steps as you layer your bangs. But, when trimming the bangs, position your scissors vertically and make V-cut snips to make the bangs more edgy.

Third, and so on layering:

The succeeding layers are done by sectioning the hair using a fine-tooth comb and hair clips. Once you’ve trimmed all sections of your hair, blow dry them to see the final look. Lastly, make adjustments on both sides if you feel that the cut is not equal.