Best French Skin Care Practices and Products

French women know how to take care of their skin. The biggest evidence of that is the great number of facial salons that you can find in France. That’s not only true in the cities but in the countryside as well. They really put an emphasis on caring for their skin and they do that by certain practices that have been imitated by all over the world.

Taking of Your Skin the French Way- The French have certain practices that are followed by women in other parts of the world. Here is a short list of these practices just to give you an idea of what you can try:

Early Start- The French are aware of the value of not waiting for a particular time to start taking care of their skin. They know that the earlier that you start for caring for your skin the better for you. Starting to care for the skin only after the wrinkles starts appearing is too late for them.

Little Makeup- Although Europeans make the best makeup in the world they have a different belief as to its use. They see it as something to use in order to enhance the beauty of the skin and not to hide it. That makes sense in fact since they are doing a lot of stuff in order to care for their skin. Why should they hide it? You might be able to learn something from the French in that respect. Anyway too much make up can choke the pores leaving your skin dry and lifeless.

Advanced Treatments- American are relying more on technologically advanced treatments that are supposed to take care of the skin. But the French have a different way of seeing things. For them laser treatments and skin peelings is the last resort. Milder methods are still preferable.

Cosmetic Surgery- This type of surgery is not as big as it is in the United States. French women prefer to have a holistic approach to their skin care.

Here are some of the best French skin care products that are available today:

Yves Rocher– This is a common French product preferred by many because of its effectiveness. Another reason for its popularity is its affordable price.

Clarins- This is another popular French brand but this one is quite expensive. Its exfoliating cleanser for example can sell for about $35 per 4 ounce. Their products have an excellent texture and scent which is adored by so many of its clients. They also try to have as much natural ingredients on their products as possible.

Renee Rouleau- This is an excellent French brand of skin care products that promises to provide you with beautiful clear skin. Renee Rouleau is a trusted name when it comes to beauty and skin care in France for over twenty years. She has developed all of her products with the aim of helping ordinary men and women of achieving their goal of having excellent skin.

You can check her products at and discover what they have to offer for you.