Tips on How to Make Skin Care Products at Home

There are many products for skin care that are available today. There are so many of them in fact that it seems like there is some new brand coming out each day. Whenever there is something that you have to buy and the options are so many the biggest problem is always how to find the right one. The same thing is true for skin products. How do you know which of the many brands is the best? You can’t really rely on the ads. Testimonials over the Internet can offer some insight but not that much.

I think the best solution to this dilemma is by not going for any of the brands that you see on the market right now. The best way to find the best skin care product is to make your own. Yes, that’s right making your own stuff for taking care of your skin can be the best thing for you. That way you can be sure about the quality and safety of the ingredients that you are using. You can be sure too about the quality of the process involved in making it. Don’t worry that it might be too complicated, while it is certainly not a simple process, you can do it easily enough once you have learned the basics.
To help you out in starting in this kind of endeavour here are some simple steps on how to make skin care products:

• Natural Exfoliator- For making your own exfoliator you don’t have to gain access to some chemicals and complicated ingredients. You can just use the simple stuff that you find at the grocery. For an excellent exfoliator made from natural ingredients you can use mixture of tablespoon of cornmeal and one tablespoon of olive oil. To give it a nice natural scent you can add a drop of lavender to it. You can start using that right away. The only drawback with this mixture is that it is better to make this just right before using.

• Sea Salt Body Scrub- You can use a usual package of normal sea salt for this purpose. Make sure that you grind it so there are no particles that can injure your skin. Add olive or in fact any type of oil to it and some lavender to add scent. Make sure that you do dry-skin brush your body before using this.

• Face Moisturizer- You can use coconut oil as a face moisturizer. If you want the best use virgin coconut oil although it can be expensive. For every tablespoon of oil add some rose oil or jasmine oil to give it a pleasant scent. For the entire face you are only going to use a very small amount of the oil.

• Honey Cleanser- This type of skin care product is appropriate for all skin types. You can make this by mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with 2 tablespoons of milk. You can apply the mixture which should have the consistency of lotion to your neck and to your face. You can then rinse it with water.