How Beauty Pageants Affect Children

Beauty pageants are becoming so popular these days with girls dreaming and joining them with the aim of being recognized as the prettiest, smartest and most talented girl. These contests however are not limited to teenagers and girls. There are pageants for children now and sometimes even toddlers are included in the list of those who could join them. Children as young as two or three years are allowed to join in these beauty contests and do just what their older sisters are doing.

There have been some studies on how beauty pageants affect children. Experts have come to believe that they may not be beneficial to children in the long run. While there are positive effects for sure such as the idea of being competitive is good to encourage in children and the idea that they have to be dedicated in what they are doing can create a certain positive response, the problem starts when it goes beyond that.

First of all children do not join these contests on their own. They could not even if they wanted. Their parents are the ones who want them to join such pageants. Most of these parents might argue that the kids are the ones who want it but in reality they have their own reasons for their children to want to join such pageants.

How can such beauty contests affect the behaviour of children? Here are some of the things that experts have discovered:

  • While the basic idea behind beauty contests is to encourage healthy competition and that can encourage a lot of positive things, things change however when children are made to feel that they have to win and after that, they must join other competitions and win those as well. Serious psychological problems can result from that.
  • Since they are judged in beauty pageants mostly by their looks they may develop some serious psychological issues. A little girl might carry that idea when she’s a little older and then she becomes prone to developing eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. These disorders are very serious psychological problems.
  • They may also develop a strong sense of paranoia especially if the idea that none of the other participants with whom she is thrown together can be trusted despite the fact that they can be very close to each other. They might be all smiles and hugs on the inside they are feeling something very different.
  • Hysteric behaviour might also be developed by being forced in front of a lot of unfamiliar faces and perform.
  • Low self-esteem can be something that children who participate in beauty pageants will suffer when they grow a little older. That would be a direct result of the way that they are coached and taught in order to win in such contests.

There are so many things that can be discussed when it comes to children and beauty pageants. How can a parent really say that a child wants to join such a contest? How can it ultimately affect behaviour? If you are a parent, you should really think twice about having your kids join such contests.