Avocado for Skin Care and Other Fruits

These days going natural and organic are the trend. The more natural a method is the better. This is true with skin care. In the past chemicals ruled the beauty and skin care line of companies, but today more and more of them are making the switch to using natural and healthy products in order to care for the skin.

But have you ever thought about the simple fact that if these companies are using fruits and fruit extracts in order to care for the skin then wouldn’t it be better for you and your skin if you used the fruits and whatever healthy ingredient that they have to directly care for your skin? That makes some sense. Why should you use something that has undergone processing when you can use it directly? If you want to try it out then here are some of the best ways that you can use natural stuff like fruits in order to care for your skin:

Avocado for Skin Care– Avocado has long enjoyed the reputation for being one of the healthiest fruits around. It can be used for weight loss, rich in vitamins and is safe to be eaten by those who suffer from diabetes and even infants. Aside from the fact that avocado is a very healthy fruit it also has earned a reputation for being an excellent means for taking care of the skin. The fruit can be used in face masks and is known to be beneficial in reducing age marks, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. This healthy effect of avocado is caused by the fact that it is rich in sterolin which is a form of protein that fights the appearance of age marks and skin damage. Studies have also proven that avocado oil helps in increasing the amount of collagen on the skin.

Citrus Fruits– When you have got a problem with oily skin then the best natural solution for that is to use citrus fruits as a major ingredient in facial cleansers or masks. It can also be beneficial in giving a little boost to your skin because of the slight acidic content of citrus fruits. Dark spots can also be reduced by lemon juice. All you have to do is to dab a little of it on the affected area like an astringent.

Grapes- You have probably heard that grapes are naturally rich in antioxidants so using them for the skin is very beneficial. You can mash red grapes on a bowl and then apply them on to your face. Leave it there for about ten minutes and then wash away with water.

Papaya- This fruit is overflowing with vitamin A which can repair damage skin cells. You can mash a ripe papaya on a bowl and then apply it to your face. You can leave that on for about a quarter of an hour and then wash away with water.

As you can you see these fruits are not only delicious and nutritious they are healthy for the skin as well.