How to Layer Skin Care Products

Skin care really should not be a complicated process. Nature has provided the natural means for taking care of it. Unfortunately there are some things in the modern world that nature is not capable of dealing with. The busy lifestyle that we are leading and the harsh environment that we are exposed to are contributing towards making skin care a difficult thing to succeed in.

There are four basic things in skin care: Cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and protection from the sun. Those are the four basic points that you have to keep in mind when it comes to proper caring for the skin. With those four basic points your skin should be properly protected and taken care of. Experts however are saying that while those four basic points remain true the times are calling for more innovative steps in order to keep the skin looking young, healthy and well protected. One of the ideas that they have come up with is layering. If layering in clothes means wearing one type of clothing over another and combining the effects that they bring, the same thing is true with layering of skin care products. The aim is to place one skin care product on top of another and then to let the effect of all those products to be combined for a great overall effect.
If you want to try out this new trend then here are some steps that you can follow on how to layer skin care products:

1. Wash your face with the cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type.

2. Apply the first product on your skin. The order of application should be that the product with the kind of effect that your skin needs should go in first and should have the most contact with your skin.

3. Apply the second product.

4. If you have dry skin then you this is the point where you need to apply your moisturizer which your skin needs in order not to seem to dry.

5. After you have applied all the other products, it is time to apply your sun screen. That is always the last to go in since that should block the effect of the sun from reaching your skin. In many ways it is also the most important skin care product that you can use since its function goes beyond making you look good.

There is a serious debate that’s on-going right now about the actual effectiveness of layering. Some experts recommend that you should not apply more than two skin products at the same time. They say that the more products that you load on your skin, the more it will affect the pH balance of your skin. That is why they recommend that you try to look for skin products that are multipurpose so that you that there is a lesser need for you to try and do layering.

You just have to be careful in making the options when it comes to skincare and the products that you are going to use and how you actually use them.