Using the Best Japanese Skin Care Products

Simplicity is a big part of Japanese culture and you can see that in most of the aspects of their life. From the houses that they have to the way that they dress traditionally they have made a point out of being simple and austere. This is even the case when it comes to their habits, they have a simplified way of doing things that goes down to the essentials right away leaving behind the parts that are unnecessary. That kind of thinking is even connected with the way that the Japanese care for their skin. They practice simplicity in caring for their skin, taking care to do things that are sure to have some effects but leaving out the unessential practices. This does not mean however that Japanese skin care is not as effective as its counterparts in other countries. Their skin care actually goes much deeper. It takes into account the kind of food that you eat, ensuring that you only consume natural and organic foods. It might take a little longer to learn that part of Japanese skin care but if you want to try out what it can do for you, you can try some of the products that they have to offer.

To help you out, here are some of the best Japanese skin care products that are available in the market today:

  • Mandom Cleansing Express Lotion Sebum- This is an excellent cleanser that you can use when you are ready to turn in for the night. It can effectively and quickly remove makeup from your face. The solution is water based so you do not have to worry about any harsh chemicals affecting your skin and cause damage because of their harshness. It does not contain any type of colouring, alcohol or even oil. It can remove he makeup and dirt while toning your skin at the same time and after that you don’t need to use any facial wash. You can get this product for about $14.
  • Kose Clearturn White Marine Collagen Paper Facial Mask– This product is only something that the Japanese can think of. It is a facial mask made from paper that has been soaked in a collagen solution. It does not contain any form of fragrance or artificial colouring, all it has is the effective collagen solution. It can help make the skin more elastic and it also contributes in moisturizing it. The only downside to this product is that it is mildly acidic which means that it is not recommended for highly sensitive skin which might be affect by it. You can get 26 pieces of masks in a package for about $20.
  • Meiji Amino Collagen- This is staple skin care product for most Japanese women. Made from a more highly absorbable type of collagen than the one that we normally use, you can be guaranteed about the effectiveness of this product. You can get a can of this product for about $32.

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