Just How Many Beauty Salons Are in the US?

Even in times of financial difficulties, Americans do not forget to try to look good. Just look around and see just how many beauty salons are in the US. There is surely no lacking in places where you can get your hair done and your face and skin taken care of. According to some statistics there are over 400,000 beauty salons all over the United States. These range from the large places in major cities to the small establishments in quiet little towns. If there is anything that you do not have to fear when you are taking a trip across the country that has to be the fear of not finding a beauty salon.

The names have changed over the years. They are known as hair salons, beauty shops, hair stylists and others but they all have the same things in common. The most basic services that these establishments offer are to cut and colour your hair. Lately however and this is especially true with the larger shops that can be found in the larger cities, the shops are also starting to offer additional services like manicure, pedicure, massages, hair removal, facials and body wraps. The services that are related to skin care are gaining a lot of popularity these days, because more and more women are becoming aware of the things that they need to do in order to care for their skin in the proper way. Women are finding that salons are more than just the place where they can go to if they need a new hair cut or if they need a new hair colour. It is also now the place to go to in order to have your skin taken care of.

There are several types of skin care and skin aesthetic services that you can get in a beauty salon. Here are some of them:

Facial– Facials involve the application of a facial mask made from special organic products which is left for a certain period and then removed. The material on the mask should have a positive effect on the skin while the process itself can be very refreshing.

Body Wraps- A body wrap treatment works by slathering your whole body with a material that is made from organic stuff and then you are wrapped for several minutes allowing the natural heat of your body and the materials to build up. After that the material is washed away. The last part of the treatment is the application of lotion throughout the body. The material used is normally made up of algae, mud and seaweed and it supposedly helps by stimulating the natural process of the body for getting rid of toxins. Thius should not be confused with a massage. You should get that type of service if that is what you want. This treatment is not recommended for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

Makeup Services– Most salons also offer makeup services. If there is a special occasion coming up then you can go to one and have your makeup done there.