What’s the Best Daily Skin Care Routine

Our skin is one of our most important assets. It is after all one of the first thing that people see about us. If you have bad skin then you can’t really show yourself in public that much. With great skin comes great confidence. You won’t hesitate to walk around with people, you have be sure about yourself when facing others. That is how important it is to get a great skin. It can really go a long way.

The problem is that proper skin care seems so difficult to achieve nowadays. We are searching and searching for the right sort of product and yet we can not seem to find it. Part of the problem is the fact that there are so many products and methods being offered right now that it seems doubly hard to pick the right method of taking care of our skin. It is kind of confusing to go through all of them and it is even more difficult for you to try them all out to see which one is going to effective. So to help you out and make things a little easy on you, we have made a list here of some of the methods that can be candidates for being the best daily skin care routine:

  • Acne Skin Care- If your skin is prone to acne outbreaks then this is the routine that you should try out.
  • You start by cleansing your face twice a day without using any scrubbing pads. You must use your fingers only to gently massage your face. You must find the mildest cleanser that you can get.
  • You need to use a toner. Apply the toner to the cotton ball and gently rub it on your face. This can finish what the cleansing started. It can pick up any leftover oils or dirt on your face. It would be best if you stick to a toner with no alcohol content.
  • Once your toner has dried you can then apply any acne medication that you have to your face.
  • The last step in this routine is to moisturize your skin. Don’t think that because you have an oily skin that you are not going to need a moisturizer. The other products that you are using can potentially dry up your skin.

That routine is for those who are suffering from acne outbreaks. It can help to control the growth of new acne. If you have more normal skin then here is another routine that can be useful to you.

  • You can use the same cleansing procedure and the use of toner, but since you have more normal skin you can use a stronger formulation on you face.
  • Exfoliating is actually something that you only do about two times a week but you should never forget about it.
  • Anti-Aging- This is a pretty important step for many women make sure that you pick the right kind of product for this procedure.
  • Sun Protection– We forget about this when we are talking about skin care but this is something that is very important to remember.