Best Indian Skin Care Products

The Indian civilization is one of the oldest in the world. That is why it is really not surprising that they have some practices there that are so beneficial yet we have been completely ignorant about. One aspect of their belief that seems really interesting especially for a lot of women out there is skin care.

Skin care is still skin care no matter where you are in the world. That means that the practices that has proven to be beneficial and effective in one part of the world, can prove to be useful and beneficial to you as after making some minor adjustments. For thousands of years the women of India have practiced their own version of skin care and throughout that great length of time you can expect them to perfect the art. Indian skin care practices are characterized by the use of natural and organic materials. They used materials that they can find in nature to clear and cleanse their skin and to purify it.

Indian Skin Care Practices– If you would like to try out some simple steps for skin care that are followed by the women of India then here are some things that you can try:

Herbal Steam- You must get a bowl of boiling water in order for this beauty regimen to work. You can then add a teaspoon of rosewood powder, a teaspoon of tulsi powder, a teaspoon of fennel seed powder, a teaspoon lemon balm and then a teaspoon of peppermint leaves. Then covering your head with a towel, you can then bend over to the bowl and immerse yourself in the steam. You can remain in that position for ten minutes. That should be enough for the pores on your skin to open up.

Acne Problems- If you are have been worrying all your life about your acne problems then here is a simple tip on how you can fight back. Using a small towel that has been immersed in neem tea you can then place it on your face. You can leave it like that for five minutes and all the while you should be feeling the effect of the hot towel on your face.

Pore Tightening
– If you have been worrying about your pores since they are too big then these steps should be able to help you out: Using a mixture of honey, refrigerated yogurt, honey and then rose hydrosol, you can apply that natural mixture to your face to help clean pores.

Best Indian Skin Care Products– Of course there are also some products that are being offered right now that have been made in India.

Sacha Cosmetics- This company is the official sponsor of many beauty pageants all over the world.

Iman Cosmetics. This company is a pioneer when it comes to making cosmetics for women who have a darker skin tone.

Global Goddess Beauty- This is one of the leading maker cosmetics products available today.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get.