The Best Rated Beauty Products

I know some girls who spend a lot on beauty products. They allot a huge portion of their monthly income in buying all these skin care, hair care and make up stuff and then they say that it’s all worth it because they are investing in their own body.

While I totally agree with the idea that we should spend money in making our appearance look as best as it can be, I am not so sure that what they are doing is right. They are buying all these expensive stuff without really thinking about it. When I ask as to why they bought this or that, their usual reply is because they saw the ads. Making advertisements your only basis for buying stuff is not a very smart move. If you believe everything that the ads say then all products are miraculous and beneficial. But we know that not all beauty products work and some are even harmful to the skin or to our hair. We need another basis for finding the right beauty product. When I told them that I don’t spend that much on beauty products they were all surprised. They assumed that I was spending just as much as them on these products. So they asked me how was able to do it. I just told them that I buy the best rated beauty products. To help out others who need the same advice here are some of the best products that I recommend:

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System– When you want a really thorough way of getting your skin cleansed then this product from Olay is the best choice. It can cleanse your skin up to 5 to 6 times better than other skin cleansers that are currently available. It works with your moisturizer by maximizing its effects. It comes with 2 speed motion that provides exfoliating action as well. You can get this beneficial skin care system for about $30.

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment– This hair product is made from a very light formula that can be absorbed by the hair instantly. It can give your hair a natural silky look right away. It can also be used for processing damaged skin caused by exposure to the environment and use of chemicals. It can also be used on hair extensions and wigs. If you want something light and easy to use product that is not going to get your hair damaged then this is the kind of product to go for. You can get this for about $40.

Coastal scents 88 Color Makeup Palette– If you want to get variety with your makeup then you ought to get this product. It has a wide number of colours from which you can take your pick. All the shadows here can be applied when wet which is actually better since that can make its effect last longer and make it look better. It comes with handy and compact case that makes handling and carrying it a very easy matter. You can get this product for about $20.