Lime Juice for Skin Care and Other Health Benefits

When it comes to health benefits lime is one of the leading fruits. Unlike some other fruits that can only deliver one type of health benefit, lime has been known to do a lot of things and to benefit different parts of the body in such a way that makes it an ideal fruit. This fruit can bring some effects that even the most modern drugs can not achieve for your body. Just to give you an idea of what this fruit can do for you, here are some of the health benefits of lime:

Lime Juice for Skin Care-
The juice of the lime fruit and the oils that can be extracted from it are known to be very beneficial for taking care of the skin. There are two ways that they can be consumed. The first method is through taking them in orally and the second is by applying them externally. Lime juice can help rejuvenate and invigorate the skin, keeping it looking healthy and young. It can also be beneficial in protecting it against infection. It is also very effective in treating and preventing body odour. It can do that because lime juice is rich Flavonoids and vitamin-C, both of which are very good anti-oxidants, antibiotics and disinfectants. It can also be used for treating rashes, dandruff and bruises. You can also add lime juice to the water that you use for bathing. That can rub away the dead skin cells that might be left there.

Benefits of Lime for Digestion- Another noted health benefit of lime is its effect on the digestive system. The scent of lime can help the flow of saliva which can aid in digestion. The Flavonoid which is found in lime juice can also help in stimulating the digestive system. That is why in some countries eating a lime pickle during lunch is a traditional practice. Another benefit of lime is that it can be used for treating constipation. The high acidic content of lime juice can help in clearing away the digestive system. Lime juice can also be used as a purgative without any fear of side effects to it.

Benefits of Lime for the Respiratory System
– Lime is also used extensively in medications and balms used for treating certain respiratory problems. They can help in treating asthma patients so that the air passage does not become blocked or restricted during an asthma attack.

Lime for Eye Care- The high vitamin-C content of lime is also the reason why it can be beneficial to the eyes. The high amount of vitamin-C in this fruit can help in keeping the eyes from degenerating.

Lime for Treating Gout– The richness of lime in anti-oxidants can be used for treating gout in some patients. The anti-oxidant can be used to get rid of the free radicals and the toxins which have built up in the body causing the illness.

These are just some of the health benefits that you can get from lime and there are even more.