Do Beauty Contests Serve Any Purpose

The other day I saw a beauty pageant being covered live on television. While that should not be surprising I was struck by the fact that I saw another pageant the other day. It seems like they were holding a new pageant every week. They were not finding any lack of girls willing to participate in the contests. In fact they even have some beauty contests featuring children. I am okay with beauty pageants before. I appreciate beautiful women and to see them displaying their charm and confidence is not a bad thing but I am not so sure anymore. With all the new pageants going around you would have to wonder about the purpose of such a thing. Do beauty contests serve any purpose or are they a place for exploiting young girls and even children?

The Good Things That They Bring- Just what are the positive things that a beauty contest can bring? First of all joining a beauty contest can be a very informative and educating experience for any individual. That means there is the potential, the chance that the experience and can be a good one. A contestant can learn confidence, appearing and speaking in public and how to deal with different types of people. All of that can be very useful to a contestant who wants to succeed in life. How many girls can say that they were able to join a beauty contest? It can also help to promote proper skin care and awareness about healthy living.

The Bad Side- There is also a bad side to the whole beauty contest thing. While it can help a contestant to gain valuable positive experience it can also turn out the other way and a be traumatic and fearful experience. It can be a bad thing and a source for negative memories as time passes by.

Child Beauty Contests- There is a growing number of people who are raising their voices against the practice of holding child beauty contests. They say that the experience does not help the girls to develop normally but instead fosters negative ideas and traits. One thing that many are concerned about is the fact that contestants on child beauty contests are taught to regard everyone there as competition. Friendship is not encouraged since after all it is a contest and they are going to be judged against each other.

One of the major concerns however is the fact that joining beauty contests can end up in one having anorexia nervosa or other eating disorders. Since the emphasis on competitions like that is on maintaining the figure and the appearance of the body, contestants might be forced to control their eating to such a degree that their health is going to be affected. Having an eating disorder is a very serious condition that should be taken seriously.

While beauty contests can serve some positive purposes, taking it over the top can have some very negative results. The thing is that contestants and the parents of the contestants on beauty pageants should make sure that they are aware about what is really important.