Nutrition for Beauty

The food that we eat has more effect to our body than to be a mere source of nutrition and energy for us. It can also have an effect on the way that we look. Eating proper food is very important in making sure that you can look great. The right food can give you a healthy looking skin and appearance that you have always desired. If you want to look good then you must start eating healthy. That is a must that you have to keep in mind. Proper nutrition should just be part of your beauty regimen just as proper cleansing and toning should be. Nutrition for beauty and for health is something that you should start learning about and to start in that path here are some of the ideas about food and skin care that you can keep in mind:

Avocados- This fruit has a reputation for being one of the healthiest fruits there is and it richly deserves that reputation. It is also highly beneficial to skin care since it can be a very rich source of biotin which can ensure that you have great skin and hair. Avocados can also be applied directly on to the skin to prevent dryness and parchedness. You can turn it into a puttee and apply it directly and the natural oils of the fruit can moisturize your skin.

Green Tea
– When it comes to beverages green tea is probably the top on the list. This is because of their high content of polyphenols. In order to make the most out of this healthy drink , you should aim to consume at least 4 cups of this healthy drink.

– This fruit is very good for the skin because it is rich in lycopene which is a very useful anti-oxidant. It has also been proven that this fruit can help in slowing the effects of cellular damage because of free radicals.

– This is arguably the healthiest of all types of meat. Salmon is high on astaxanthin which is beneficial in keeping the skin elastic. So if you want to stay young looking then you better eat a lot of Salmon now.

– We tend to take eggs for granted and forget all about the nutritional benefits that it can bring to our body. It is also very useful in repairing skin cells that has been damaged by free radicals. The high protein content of eggs is the main cause of this. It also contains biotin .

Pomegranate- This fruit is very rich in anti-oxidants but the catch is that it is sometimes better to apply it topically so that you can get the full benefits of the fruit than to actually eat it.

Walnuts- If you have heard that Omega-3 fatty acids can be very good for your skin then you ought to try eating some walnuts. Eating walnuts can make the skin looking good and healthy.

These are just some of the food that you ought to try in order to get the proper nutrition for your skin.