Easy Tips You Can Use Now to Anti-Age Your Body

Aging is a natural process that all living things must undergo. It is the process by which an organism develops, reaches maturity and then decline. Aging can not be avoided since we all have to undergo it. We are bound to reach a point when our bodies will start to deteriorate. While aging is something that can not be avoided we can still minimize its effects. This is the point of interest of a lot of people today, the knowledge of how aging can be slowed down. That is why there are so many products today being recommended that claims to have this effect.

Causes of Skin Aging- Recent scientific findings have proven that there are basically two types of skin aging that we can undergo. The first one is caused by the various traits that we inherit and is termed as intrinsic aging. The second one is called extrinsic aging and is determined by various environmental factors. There is little that we can do about intrinsic aging since that is encoded I each and every cell. With extrinsic aging however there are some things that we can do to slow down its effects.

A Built-In Timer: Intrinsic Aging- Intrinsic aging is caused by the information that is stored in the DNA of our body. This is also called the natural aging process because it happens no matter what the environmental conditions are. This process would usually kick in the 20s when wrinkles starts appearing and the skin loses some of its natural elasticity.

Fighting Back: Extrinsic Skin Aging-
You should be aware by now that one of the major signs of premature skin aging is exposure to the sun. Even just a few minutes of that everyday can cause the skin to age and deteriorate quite rapidly. This type of aging is called photoaging. If that happens constantly, that can also cause skin cancer. Another external factor that can cause aging are repetitive facial expressions. When you use the muscles beneath our face grooves are formed. As the skin loses more of its elastic properties, those grooves will show becoming wrinkles. Another external factor that has an effect on skin aging is gravity which can constantly pull down on our skin. Your position when you are sleeping can also be an external factor in skin aging. Finally smoking is also one of the leading culprits for premature skin aging that I can think of.

Anti- Aging- Living things are made up of cells and each one of those cells has the capability of replacing itself. This includes the skin cells. That means that the body has the natural ability to repair itself. Ideally this is what all of those products are aiming to do. Slow down the effects of aging on the body by allowing the cells to do replace themselves. There are three ways that cells can do this replacement process:

1. They can come up with replacement cells that are of lower quality than the original cells.
2. They can come up with replacements that are of equal quality as the cells to be replaced.
3. They can come up cells that are even better than the cells to be replaced.

The first one is called degeneration and the third process is called regeneration which holds the secret to the whole idea of anti-aging. When old skin is able to come up with a better cell replacements then that means an improvement with the appearance.

Tips For Anti-Aging-
As you can see aging of the skin is caused by a lot of factors. We have no control over some of these, but as for the others, here are some trips that you can use to try and slow down the effects of aging:

– Since sun exposure is one of the major reasons why we age prematurely then we should always try to stay away from the sun as much as possible. If it is a must that we should step outside and be exposed to the sun then we need to wear proper protection. It is best to wear long clothes that can cover a greater part of our body. Sunscreen protection is something that you need to have all year round so you better choose a good product that is going to be a good match for your skin. Stay away from indoor tanning devices as well since they can have the same negative effects on your skin.

Quit Smoking- We have mentioned earlier that smoking is one of the major reasons for premature aging. If you are a smoker then quit it now. The damage that it has caused is irreversible, but quitting right away can prevent further damage from being done to your skin. Smoking ages the skin by damaging the collagen. What are the marks of a smoker’s skin? The most common ones are dull and grey skin and wrinkles forming around the eyes and the mouth.

Eating Right and Healthy-
As I mentioned earlier, anti-aging is a natural process of the body. We should just encourage it and give it all the things that it needs in order to do skin regeneration and we can see the miraculous effects of anti-aging. Naturally the body gets the materials that it uses for skin regeneration from the food that we eat so that means we have to eat healthy if we really want to see the effects of anti aging on our skin. You have to eat fruits, fresh vegetables in order to get as much anti-oxidants that you can get.

Green Tea-
Since ancient times in China, green tea has been known to have a lot of benefits to the body. Recent research has confirmed that drinking green tea has plenty of benefits. It is an excellent anti-oxidant which fights the effects of skin aging. It can also be beneficial in preventing several diseases of the body which can make you prematurely old.

Go Aero- A lot of people might not be aware of the fact that doing regular aerobic exercises can also be beneficial in keeping the body from aging. It can help the body to develop strength, stamina, bone density and endurance all of which can be lost because of aging. Aerobic exercises are the best because they are ideal for the older persons because it is something that they can really handle.

Rest and Sleep- People who do not get enough sleep have bad skin and not only that they also have a lot of complaints with their bodies. That’s common knowledge but the problem is that we don’t act on it. Ideally the body should be getting eight hours of sleep. For most of us that sounds too luxurious. If eight hours is too much for you then just make sure that you have a regular time for sleeping and that you do not get disturbed in the middle of your rest period. Your rest period should mean rest, period!

Have you noticed the way that the advice to drink water is always included in tips for staying healthy? That should not surprise you since after all our body is mostly fluid. We need to maintain a certain amount of water in our body in order for it to function properly.