Do Doctor’s Skin Line Products Really Work?

A skin care product that has been identified with a doctor or a skincare expert has a good chance of doing well when it comes to sales. People are always on the lookout for ways that they can be reassured about the stuff that they are buying so when they are shopping for skin care products a doctor’s endorsement is the best indicator that a product can do wonders for them.

But do these doctor endorsed skin care products really work? Can they really deliver the kind of skin care that they are promising? Sometimes the products are not even made by some large company that has paid an expert dermatological expert to have his name on the bottles of their products. There are times that individual doctors will have some of their own formula bottled and packaged and sold to their patients.

The Trust-
Dermatologists are the ultimate authority when it comes to skin care. If you ever need someone that you can trust when it comes to skin care then it has to be the doctors who have spent years studying everything about the skin. So if there is a product that bears the name or the endorsement of doctor then that product should work. Unfortunately, we all know that such is not the case. So where does that leave us?

They’re All the Same– All of the skin care products that are available in the market right now are all aiming to provide the same kind of benefit. They are all aimed towards cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, toning nourishing and sun protection. It does not matter whether the product is expensive or cheap they all aim for the same thing. The problem lies in the fact that our bodies and our skin in particular are different from each other. One thing that works well for one person is not necessarily going to be effective with another.

The Stuff You’re Putting on Your Skin
– The skin care products that you are using are dependent on the kind of active ingredients that they have. You have got to be aware about the quality of the ingredients first before you buy a product. What are its effects? Can it harm your skin? Just because a doctor is supposedly the one behind the product does not mean that you are going to trust it absolutely. There is a chance that they might have nothing to do with the product except to have their name on it. Here are some of the more common chemicals that you can find in skin care products today:

Alpha-hydroxy acids- This ingredient is very common now with the skin products that are being sold. They can help in clearing age spots and uneven skin tone. It can cause irritation and sensitivity from being exposed to the sun.

Salicylic Acid-
This has long been used as an ingredient for treating skin problems. It is noted for its exfoliating effects on the skin and for making it smoother. It can also help fight the effects of acne. The main thing to be concerned about salicylic acid is that it can cause irritation and a burning sensation to the skin.

Hydroquinone-This ingredient is made mainly for skin whitening and bleaching products. Some skin types however do not respond well with this kind of active ingredient.

Kojic Acid– This is another substance used for taking care of skin pigmentation and discoloration. Compared with the other ingredients that have the same effect this Kojic acid was just recently discovered.

Retinol- Many skin care products have this ingredient and it has been derived from Vitamin A. It has been proven that it can help fight the effect of aging and wrinkles.There are other common ingredients that you can find in skin care products. These include L-Ascorbic acid, copper peptide and Alpha-Lipolic Acid. You have got to make yourself aware about what these ingredients can do not just to your skin but to your health in general. Are they safe to use?

Should You Trust Your Doctor’s Recommendations?- So now we come back to the question of whether you should trust the products endorsed by dermatologists or just some “doctors”. The thing to remember is that you should just never buy a skin care product just because of the person who endorsed it, or just because it bears the name of a nice looking person. You have to pick your own skin care product. Find the ones that really work for you.

What’s Your Type?
– This is the first thing that you have got to consider when you are looking for the right skin care product. Skin care products are normally classified according to the basic skin types.The basic skin types are oily, normal, sensitive, dry or a combination of any of those.

Your Complexion- Aside from the skin type that you have, another thing to consider is the kind of complexion of your skin. This is a factor because you need to have proper protection from the sun. The lighter the complexion of your skin the more protection from the sun that you need.

Personal Habits- This is another important factor to think about when buying some skin care product that you can use. If you are a smoker for example, then you need products that can repair the damage that has been done to your skin by that habit of yours. Do you take vitamins? What are the kinds of food that you normally eat?

The Four Basic Steps-
Now that you know your skin type that you have, then you can pick the kind of skin care product that you want to use according to the basic skin care procedures that are normally used. These four steps are cleansing, exfoliating, shaving and moisturizing. You can add a fifth one to that which is sun protection.

Cleansing is the act of removing all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your face. The cleanser that you should be picking should be mild enough not to cause dryness or damage your skin but it should be strong enough so it can remove all of the substances that has to be cleared from there. Exfoliation is needed in order to remove all of the dead skin cells that might still be clinging to your face. Moisturizing is something that is needed by everyone no matter what skin type that they have. Sun protection is something that you should always think about all year round.

What to Look for in a Skin Care Product? –
You have got to go beyond what the marketing people is trying to sell to you when you are picking the right skin care product. With skin care products the important thing is to find the right one that can match your skin condition, complexion and your habits. If you can find the line of products that can meet that requirement then don’t let go and make sure that you use it regularly. Failure to do that is one of the reasons why so many people are suffering from having bad skin right now. They fail to find the right line of products because they have placed their trust on some doctor or celebrity who is pushing his own line.