Look Years Younger by This Weekend – Here’s How

When we were kids we all dreamed about the time when we are grownups already. I could remember myself being so sure about the things that I will be doing when I grow old enough. Now that we’re older however we are looking for ways that we can maintain our youthful looks. I guess that’s just the natural state of things.

We can’t stay young forever though. We just have to face the fact that we are going to age and that we can not do anything about that. But wouldn’t it be great if we can find a way that we can stay young looking? If we can not have that then at least we could look younger for specific occasions.

How We Can Look Young- Some people are just blessed with looks that never seem to grow old. There are actors that have this trait and we can only envy them as the years pass by and they still look as young and fresh as when they first started out in their careers. Most of us however are not so fortunate. We have to do our own battle with aging as it happens.

There are several ways that are commonly practiced for looking younger. Of course the most desirable one is to appear young because of great skin. This is also the most difficult to achieve since our skin is prone to degeneration due to natural causes and because of environmental factors. Another way to achieve youth is by taking on the clothes and the hairstyle of a more youthful person. Then there is the method of simply masking the marks of age.

Ways to Achieve a Younger Look Fast-
There are various ways that you can look a lot younger fast. The problem is that not all methods will work for everyone. One method that can make one person look younger can just make another one appear ridiculous. That means you have to keep on searching and trying out methods to find the one that can actually work for you. Here are some of the more common ways:

Even Skin Tone-
When you were younger you might have taken pride in the fact that your skin had an even tone. You probably didn’t need anything to help even it out. But that was years ago and so you just have to swallow your pride and accept the fact that you need to do something to even out the appearance of your skin. If the skin on you face has taken on a flushed appearance then you need some yellow toned foundation. It does help to maintain the quality of your skin with facials.

Attacking Undereye Circles-
Another indicator of aging is having some undereye circles. They might be a result of lack of sleep or they might be caused by some other factors, but the important thing is that you have to mask them away. It is better to use a concealer cream instead of powder. The powder might cake up making it even more obvious that there are lines under your eyes. Like when you are trying to even out your skin tones, it is better to use a yellowish hue to overcome the darker hues of the lines.

Removing Facial Hair- As women age and their hormone levels vary they might experience some unexpected growth of facial hair. They might start to grow some hair on places where it is normal for men to have some. The hair might range from soft fuzz to real coarse and large whisker like hairs. The good news is that there are many ways that you can get rid of the extra hair growth.

You can pick the method that suits you best. If you want to look younger than your real age then you need to make sure that you take out all signs of facial hair. While there are plenty of ways that you can remove facial hair, if you feel that it is too excessive then you might have to see a doctor because you might have some hormone problems.

Eating Healthy to Look Young-
You hear always hear the reminder that you should start eating healthy in order to get various benefits from it. In this case eating healthy foods can not make you look younger on its own. But if you don’t do it all the other steps that you do are just going to waste. So make a habit out of eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, stay from processed foods and dink plenty of water.

Bottoms Up- Your face is not the only indicator of aging. You body can indicate that you are starting to grow as well. One of the major body indicators is your bottom which might start to sag with age. That can make the wearing of tight fitting clothes an embarrassment. You have two choices here, you can choose to wear clothes that can conceal them or clothes that can hold them up. The best kind of clothes that can offer support are jeans that have 2 percent stretch.

The Shining-
Another indicator of aging is lackluster hair. If you have been into the habit of blow drying your hair for years than this might be the cost of that habit. Good thing there are ways that you can try in order to bring back the luster of your hair. You can use a conditioning gloss on your hair to achieve that.

The Right Bra– One of the most common indicators of aging a woman’s body is sagging breasts. Aside from getting surgery there is little that can be done about that except to get the right kind of bra. The problem is that most women tend to think that the breast size does not change with age. So they tend to stick to the sizes that they wore when they were in their twenties even after 2 decades of motherhood. Try getting a good fitting and see how young it can make you look.

Stop Using Powder Makeup-
Since the skin produces less moisture and tends to become drier with using powder make up is really not advisable since it tends to remove what little moisture that’s left. Use makeup that is dewy or with more moisture instead.

Cheek to Chic- When we see caricatures of old women one of the common features that they put in are drooping cheeks. It is true since the fat layer that supports it starts to fail with age. You can fight that, at least temporarily with a new treatment using a filler made from hyaluronic acid. The effects can be seen right away and it can last for three months. If you don’t want chemicals being injected into your face then you can use a pink blush which can cheat the eyes of those who are going to look at your face. Just be careful not to overdo it and end up looking like a clown.

Get a Stylish Hair Cut-
If you are still sporting a hair cut that was popular when you were still going out on dates then you really look dated. Be ready to spend some money and go to a stylish salon to have your hair fixed in a more modern way.