My Search for Juice Recipes for Skin Care

Nothing beats going natural. You can be sure of that, as there is no amount of artificiality that could even come close to the benefits of going all natural. In fact, there should not even be any discussion about which is better, natural or artificial. If we only trust our instincts, then we should be able to tell that anything that is natural is better and just superior to anything that’s not. And he great thing about is that today, the trend is leaning more and more towards all natural products. That’s certainly great news, since it definitely means that people are becoming much more conscious about the importance of natural products and the benefits that can be derived from it.

In a sense, I am one of those who have always believed in the effectiveness and potency of natural products. For as long as I could remember, I have always tried to choose products that are natural, or at least advertises itself as made from nothing but all natural products. During those times, it was mostly all natural food that I was going for, and it was great for me because it made sure that I was healthy and that I seldom got sick, if at all. And it certainly helped the fact that I was a really serious health buff who made sure that my level of fitness was also pretty high. But now I am also buying and making use of beauty products that are only made from natural products, and most notable of all is my search for juice recipes for skin care.

Best Juice Recipes for Skin Care

There is no question that simply mixing and drinking fruit juice recipes would be much more beneficial for our skin than any artificial product that could be bought. Here are a few simple recipes for fruit juices that could do wonders for the skin, and help make sure that you would be able to maintain its health and beauty:

• Melon Juice – For the melon juice, you will need one whole cantaloupe that’s cut in pieces; five ice cubes; a dash of cinnamon to taste. To make the juice, just toss all the ingredients into a blender and then pulse it until it becomes smooth.

• Citrus Slushie – You will need the juice and rind of two lemons; two pink grapefruits; juice and rind of two fresh limes; a whole pineapple that has been cut up into squares. You just need to mix everything up in a blender, and you can add ice if you like. Those who are allergic to pineapples could choose to use another kind of citrus fruit, like an orange for example.

• Strawberry and Grape Juice – To make this juice, you will need the following: two bunches of red or green grapes that weigh about three to four ounces; eight whole strawberries; some ice. In order to make the juice, simply toss all the ingredients into a blender until it becomes smooth.