Learn How to do Beauty Pageant Makeup

You might have noticed that people like to be preoccupied with beauty. After you noticed it, it doesn’t bother you at all, because you totally get why people are like that. Everyone wants to look pretty, and that’s what you want yourself, so you get it. And of course, you don’t want to be left behind, so you put forth the effort to look just as good as everyone else.

The interest that you have in making yourself more beautiful has led you to look at the different means for doing so. For sure, there’s nothing about it and you have every right to pursue being beautiful. And besides, everyone else seems to be doing it so you might as well not let yourself get behind too much. There are many different methods and techniques to choose from.

Doing your own makeup is one of those ways that you can learn to do for yourself. What I mean is not just the simple and usual application of makeup, but the right way by which to do it. Just like everything else, there is a right way to apply makeup on yourself, and you could also learn to apply it to other people.

How about the application of makeup to those who are entering a beauty contest or pageant then? Surely, the standards there might be a little different than when it is just done on people who are not entering such a contest. It would be interesting to learn how to do beauty pageant makeup, and to be able to do it properly.

Applying Beauty Pageant Makeup

It would probably be argued by some that the level of makeup applied and used in beauty pageants in a little higher than for those used for ordinary days or purposes. The following are the steps on how to apply it in such a situation.

1. The first thing to do would be to select makeup that perfectly matches the tone of your skin. To select otherwise would leave a bad contrast with the lighting used for the stage and even for interviews.

2. Remove shine through the application of transparent loose powder. Lighter color foundation need to be used on the eyes, accentuating the eye color. A little foundation under the eyes will make it stand out.

3. Eye powder should be applied and try to select earth tone colors for the stage. Eye shadow that should be used for the stage should be darker than for everyday use.
4. Blush should then be applied. Directly apply it on the cheekbones, start from the ear and move towards the nose. Go from the top, working yourself down. Adding blush adds color to the face and helps improve the washed out look under the lights.

5. Apply eyeliner beneath the eyes, just above the eyelash line. It helps make the eyes stand out and seem to sparkle. Mascara should be used for lengthening the eyelashes.

6. Never forget to apply lipstick and lip liner. Then top it off with an elegant and subtle lip gloss.