Applying Vaseline for Skin Care Use

We are all vain in our own personal ways. There is that spark of vanity within each of us that tends to surface or manifest itself from time to time. In fact, there are many of us who tend to display more often than others, and that is considered to be perfectly normal and acceptable. To be vain is part of being someone who is trying to live his life to the fullest, and certainly no one would or should hold that against the person who is doing so.

In the effort to cater to that vanity that could take hold of a person, people make use of different types of materials. If one would look at it, there would seem to be an endless variety of such materials that you only need to choose from and pick what you feel is best for you. While what one individual chooses might not be the same as those made by other people, there are still similarities in the kind of products or materials that they are looking for.

A primary aspect of being vain, although some would argue that it is not vanity at all, is making sure that the skin is always properly cared for. Of course there are so many materials and products that can be used for this end, and I myself have tried quite a lot. Since I am also quite vain enough to make sure that my skin always looks and feels great, I have used my share of skin care products over the years. One of my most preferred product, and also one of the simplest, happens to be Vaseline.

Vaseline for Skin Care

The application of Vaseline for skin care use should not be surprising to anyone. It has a reputation for being one of the products that have the most use as a body and skin care product. People know of it very well since they have mostly exposed to it ever since they were little kids, but not too many are aware that it has many more uses that are specifically meant for care of the skin.

You could create a natural and inexpensive skin exfoliate by mixing Vaseline and sea salt. After mixing the ingredients it has to be applied to the body and then scrubbed with soft cloth before being rinsed away. Vaseline could also be used effectively as a facial moisturizer and you simply spread it on your face at night, applying only a thin layer. The petroleum jelly helps in trapping the moisture in the skin, making it much softer.

Should you want to moisturize your hands, then you should apply generous amounts of Vaseline and then before you go to sleep, put on some on latex gloves. Your hands re sure to be softer than ever and if you would like the same thing to happen to your feet, then you simply need to put a lot of Vaseline onto your calloused feet and then put on some socks.