House Boat Floor Plans

House boat floor plans are pretty amazing. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to fit so much space into a tiny houseboat. We bought a 1987 Sumerset 62 footer that only had about 900 or so square feet of livable space, but it was enough and through the use of proper house boat plans, I’ve been able to increase that almost a hundred feet which is pretty substantial.

Maggie, my wife has sure enjoyed the extra space. I know that probably the most difficult aspect of living on a house boat is making the most of the limited space. Forget about a basement first of all. And it’s harder to build a second level on top of a houseboat too. Click here to view boat accessories and boat products on Amazon.

The project I’ve been working on in developing better house boat floor plans has given the extra space to the kitchen, bathroom and the main bedroom. It has taken me over a year tinkering away at it. It’s touch to work and live in the same space. When we were living on land we had a garage and that’s where I could store all my power tools. An in fact, that’s where my “wood shop” if you can call it that was.

But we’ve managed it, and I’ve even built a small plywood boat using plywood boat plans from the same fella that I got the house boat floor plans from. This plywood boat was a gift to my first grandson. He loves it. And when he comes over to stay with grandpa and grandma we hitch it to the back our house boat and drag it behind it. He likes to watch it follow us along. “Aye, aye captain” he says all the time when he’s with us.

So if you’re looking for house boat floor plans or even house boat plans, then I’ll be happy to share with you the resource that I’ve found that has made my life a helluva lot easier. It took me months just to research house boat floor plans on the internet before I found this little gem. I’d suggest you don’t bother with it the hard way and just go grab these boat plans and be done with it.

There are catamaran plans, dinghy plans, plywood boat plans, skiff plans. Practically whatever kind of boat you want to build this resource has a boat plan for it. Of course I made use of the extensive house boat floor plans which really gave me some great ideas. And as I’ve said before, it saved me a ton of time and helped me find an additional 100 or so square feet of livable space.

Happy Sailing,