Lazy Days Houseboats for Fun

House boating started in the 1950s and from then it has grown to become an engaging hobby and a way of life for most people. People who fall in love with a houseboat would never be comfortable again in any other form of house and one of the best houseboats ever are the ones from Lazy Days.

The first Lazy Days houseboat was created in Georgia and as the years passed by it soon became extremely popular. It started making the “Cadillac of Houseboats” but soon the company went downhill.

Still, that does not take away the fact that Lazy Days was a pioneer in the houseboat business. They introduced some innovations that were quite new and daring.One such innovation is the use of aluminum hull. That was quite a new direction back then and the company really tried to cash in on that fact. In one of the most celebrated feats in house boating a Lazy Days houseboat was entered in the Miami to Nassau Ocean Power Boat Race. That was a fifty foot long houseboat complete with three room air conditioners, hardwood panelling, carpeting. It was even equipped with an ice maker and a well stocked refreshments bar to help fuel the thirty crew. That race was about 184 miles long and the houseboat experienced some technical malfunction with its engine in the middle of it, despite that it was still able to manage an impressive 20 miles per hour average run all throughout the race. After the race was finished, race officials inspected the boat to see if there were any damages but they found none at all. They gave Lazy Days a seal of approval that has never been won by any other houseboat even to those day.

That was the sort of ultimate test that any houseboat should pass. Not only dos it measure the quality of capacity of its engine but it also tests the seaworthiness of a craft. The best way to check if a boat can withstand extreme conditions is to let it undergo bad weather or grueling race conditions.

If you are looking for Lazy Days houseboats right now the chances of finding one for sale at a reasonable price is quite rare. Of the little more than twenty years that these houseboats were being built, only 518 were finished. There are some rumors that there are a few aluminum hulls that are yet unfinished but locating one of those if they actually exist would even be very difficult. There are some Lazy Days houseboats that are available online. It would be your luck if they are within your area or is in the same body of water where you plan to use it. If that is not the case however then you need to include the cost of transporting it in your plans. That might be a substantial amount especially if the distance wool be quite great. If you do have a chance of getting a Lazy Days Houseboat then grab the opportunity because it would not always come your way.