Are Ocean Going Houseboats Practical?

Houseboating has grown by leaps and bounds ever since it was created in the 1950s. Today there are more and more people who are spending their time onboard their floating castles. That trend of the rise of houseboating is quite understandable since the feeling of relaxation that can be had out of staying on a houseboat can not be compared with anything that you can experience on land. It is just so pleasantly different. That is why all sorts of houseboats has been designed lately.

Now there are those who are interested in ocean going houseboats. They like the idea of an oceangoing vessel that can travel on the open ocean and go from one port to another. The idea of a houseboat going to distant lands and different countries is such a nice thing to think about that people really want to know if these vessels are practical and safe or not.

Years ago there was a trend about catamarans that could travel on the seas and these vessels have living spaces that were equal to those of houseboats. They are very spacious and comfortable. There were a slew of high profile vessels like that which received tremendous publicity with their designers traveling aboard. That trend kind of cooled down when several of those high profile vessels were lost at sea. Those incidents casted a shadow on whether these vessels were actually worthy of traveling in the high seas. Except with coastal waters that are protected you do not see anymore of these vehicles being used for ocean travel.

Today if you would like to own a houseboat that can be used for traveling on the high seas then you could try getting a converted fishing trawler. It should have space enough for a comfortable living quarters and it would be seaworthy for traveling at sea. If you are familiar with those shows featuring the hazards that are faced by fisherman in the Atlantic then you should know that these vehicles have a great chance of living through storms at sea. You could purchase such a boat quite cheaply these days and if you will be able to handle the renovation then it would be a real bargain. The problem is that the amenities are hardly what you could term as luxurious.

The attractions of an ocean going houseboat is tremendous. Just the idea of a seagoing house equipped with all your needs is so attractive to a lot of people. That means you do not have to be subject to one particular country. If you do not like what is going on in a place then you could just pack up and sail away.It may be a little more difficult in execution since the fuel costs of such a trip can be prohibitive and the hazards of sea travel even when you are going in a very sea worthy vessel is well known. Using boats with sail is one alternative but for those who do not know anything about sailing it may take a long time to master it.