The Advantages of Small Houseboats

Houseboating has come a long way from the time that it was conceived in the 1950s. All sorts of boats have been designed to serve as a floating home. Many people have found the comfort that they get out of living on board a houseboat to be incomparable to anything that they have encountered before. It is surely not for everyone but for those who fall in love with the hobby they can find no other place where they can be comfortable with.

Some people would like to have huge houseboats that could accommodate a lot of stuff but small houseboats have several advantages going for them and here are some of them:

1. Small Houseboats would cost less to build or buy than a larger one. This advantage is quite obvious, if you are planning on building your own houseboat it would mean a lot less material to build a small one and less labor costs as well. It would be the same if you are planning on purchasing a used boat since the larger it becomes the price goes up up exponentially as well.

2. A small houseboat would be a lot easier to clean and maintain just as it would be a lot easier to clean a small two bedroom house compared with a huge mansion. When there is damage to the boat it is a lot easier to repair it as well since there is less area that is exposed to the elements. You can spot damages a lot easier too since there would a lot less to check.

3. The cost of maintaining a small boat would be surprisingly lower than the upkeep a full sized one.While bigger boats would have a lot more to offer when it comes to features and accommodations a small one would do, especially if you do not have an unlimited budget that you can spend on its upkeep.

4. When you are using a small houseboat then there would be a lot more Marinas that would be available and you would also be paying considerably less for dock slips alone.

5. You would also be paying a lot less for insurance premiums when you are getting your smaller vessel insured.

6. You would also be saving a lot in winter storage costs in a seasonal location. Having a huge boat would simply spell too much trouble on your part and the cost of it would only be one side of it.

As you can see saving money is not the only reason why you should get a small houseboat especially if you are new to the hobby. Maintenance and the ease of keeping things in order in a smaller setting should also play a role in your decision to get a small boat instead of a large one. There are many houseboats that are available over the Internet or you can decide to have one built according to your specifications, which would be a better option so you can have all the stuff that you need included.