Houseboat Insurance Cost and Other Information

Houseboating is a great hobby and more and more people are taking it up. There are however a few things that you need in order to enjoy houseboating fully especially if you own you boat. One of the most important things is the need for you to insure your houseboat. Its just like a house or car where it would better for you to be ready just in case you will be needing it since you really can not say what might happen. All of a sudden you might have a need for that insurance and you still have not done it. It would be better to get at the earliest possible time after you have gotten your boat that way you would be ready for anything that might happen.

Now the first thing that would enter your mind when considering this is the houseboat insurance cost. Different companies would have different way of coming up with the amount that they would charge you for ensuring your boat. In the same these companies would have different methods and criteria for insuring a houseboat and it would benefit you if you checked that out first before you sign up wit a company.

The first thing to check is if the insurance company that insures your house will also cover your houseboat. Some companies will allow you to do that making your houseboat an extension of your home. Not only would this save you some money but also some trouble. However there are insurance companies that are mainly focused on marine insurance and this is what most houseboat pounders prefer since they have a lot more coverage.

There are two types of insurance coverage when it comes to houseboats. The first one is the Actual Cash Value and the second one is the Agreed Amount Value. With the Actual Cash Value type of policy the company will pay the full value of the boat at the time of loss or at the time of claim minus the value of the depreciation of the boat. This type of policy is cheaper. In the second type, the Agreed Amount is determined before hand with all the parts and accessories of the boat having an agreed value. Once the amount of all the parts has been determined and agreed upon it is important that you pay the premium before there is any loss or damage.

When you go with an insurance company you need to find out a few things first. You can expect that there will be a regular marine survey so find out when you should expect it. Ask about the territorial limitations of the policy. What will be the amount that they will be paying for specific claims. It would be best to know beforehand about these little facts. Once you have settled all of these questions and matters you can go on and enjoy your houseboating to the fullest. As a hobby there is nothing that can compare with it when it comes to relaxation.