Getting a Small Houseboat

Houseboating is becoming more popular with each passing day. It provides a great way to relax for people who want to find a good way to let their stress out. Whether you want to spend your days aboard the boat cursing or enjoying the site, or you just want to stay on board your vessel and take things a little easy then houseboating is a great way of letting yourself relax and unwind. If you are thinking of buying your own houseboat then let me tell you right now that you are making the right decision. There can be nothing like a houseboat as a hobby. You will surely get a great time out of it.

The question that you have to settle now, is what kind of houseboat should you get? There are several types of houseboats and let’s check them out:

Small Houseboat- A small trailerable houseboat can weigh anywhere between 4,000 to 9,000 pounds. With that kind of weight this type of houseboat can easily be moved by a pickup or a SUV. With the small space that it coves this type of boat is very easy to maintain and clean. They can also come with all the amenities that you will need if you want to live on board. Things like hot and cold water, air conditioning, and refrigeration can easily be accommodated. If you have a big family though, this might not be the perfect vessel for you but if you are just a couple this would be the perfect way to spend a romantic time. Other than not being compatible with large families there’s really no huge drawback with a small houseboat, because of that there are very few used models for sale of it in the market.

Pontoon Type- This type of houseboat uses pontoons or hollow tubes for hulls. They are usually made from aluminum or fiberglass. They are very buoyant and could generally hold up a great deal of weight. Pontoon houseboats are becoming more and more popular these days. The normal construction that you will find is for a vessel to have two pontoons but you might also find boats with three pontoons. Smaller pontoon vessels can be trailerable but the larger they get, transporting becomes a problem.

Other Types- The full hull houseboat is another popular type that yup can find today. It is a very stable vessel and it can provide a storage area right below the living space which makes room for more space that you can use. The catamaran hull is one of the less popular type but if it is fuel efficiency that you are after then this is the right kind for you. The other types are the Planing hull and the Displacement type which is both good for those who would like to have plenty of space. As you can see, you have plenty of choices when it comes to picking the right houseboat type that you will be using for the new hobby that you have chosen.