Norfolk Broads Houseboats

The Broads is a vast network of rivers and lakes that are mostly navigable to small boats and small crafts located in the Norfolk and Suffolk counties of the United Kingdom. Originally they were thought to be a part of the landscape. In the past they were thought to be natural if irregular formations but recent discovery has revealed their true origins. The Broads were actually formed from extensive peat excavations in the area. Peat has been mined in the area since the Roman times and these excavations left vast areas that were lower than the rest of the land. After several centuries the sea level began to rise and the excavations became flooded, forming the lakes and the rivers that now make up the Broads.

Although these bodies of water are located both in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, they are known as the Norfolk Broads. The area that they cover are placed under special protection by the government of the Untied Kingdom and has given them a status similar to that of a National Park. A special authority was established to protect and manage the area, and there has been a move made to make them
National Parks but an agreement has not been made by all parties.

There are a lot of activities that can be done along the Broads. For over a hundred years it has been a boating destination for people. Yachts can also sail sail down the lake and soon powered boats began to be included starting in the 1930s. It is also a favorite place for racing yachts and other similar events.

The Broads is also a favorite spot for houseboating and there are plenty of places where you can enjoy this exciting hobby. Norfolk Broads houseboats can be found all over the network and is a great way of enjoying the scenic beauty of the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside. You can just cruise along and look at all the beautiful spots and places of the place or you could just stay on your vessel and do some quiet fishing on the side ad watch lazily as the world goes by. Houseboats on the Broads are the perfect places to do just that. The best places to find Houseboats in this network of lakes and rivers are Wroxham which can be found along the river Bure, Stalham wrong the Ant river, Hickling which is located on the Thurne river, and Beccles which is found on the Waveney river.

You can find houseboats that are completely furnished when it comes to the bathrooms, bed rooms, and kitchen. You can also choose one with a covered veranda outside that will give you an excellent view of the passing scenery outside. There are also some houseboats that are available in the Norfolk area, that has picnic and barbecue areas which would allow to enjoy some real outdoor fun while floating around. That’s surely something that you wouldn’t expect when you go out to enjoy houseboating.