Pontoon Boat Maintenance

Pontoon boats have become very popular lately and more people are getting into owning one. Because of this, there is not a greater need for the right kind of knowledge when it comes to pontoon boat maintenance. Since these crafts are normally in the water throughout the year it is quite important that one becomes aware of the necessary means by which a boat can be properly maintained and serviced. It is important for the owner of the boat to know at least the basics of maintaining his craft so he can prevent minor defects and damages from becoming worse. Preventive maintenance will in the end save you a lot more trouble and money.

Here are the things that a boat owner can do in order to ensure the proper maintenance of his boat:

1. Keep a Checklist- A checklist is a proven way of making sure that you can check all the aspects of the boat. With the help of an expert list down all the things that needs to be checked fro time to time. Use the checklist while you are doing preventive maintenance to make sure that you are not missing out on any aspect.

2. The Outboard- The outboard motor is one of the most important parts of the boat and it has to be checked regularly to make sure that it is in running condition. Spark plugs and cylinders should be inspected at regular intervals. The water pump needs to be replaced once a year, while the fuel lines should be checked for any cracks and leaks that might have developed.

3. If you find any leaks it should be repaired right away. Delay on acting against any defect and malfunction might cause more delays and money wasted.

4. Maintenance Time- Winters are good for the annual maintenance check of your boats. That is the period of the year when you are least likely to use. You can spend more time with checking all the aspects of the craft that has to be covered.

5. Getting Help- When you find a problem with your boat like a leak or a defective motor and you find that you are having a hard time dealing with it, then that is the time to seek professional help. Never try to save on money by doing everything yourself. In the end that might just cost you more. Knowing how to handle tools and repair stuff is cool but it is cooler to know when you have to ask for some help.

6. Taking Care of Your Boat- In reality there would be little need for preventive maintenance if you would take care of your boat carefully. You have to make sure that it hits no underwater objects that might cause a leak and you have to keep the engine well oiled and in running condition. To enjoy your boat you have to take care of it. That’s very simple.

These are just some of the things that you can do in order to make sure that your pontoon boats will stay afloat so you can have the best of times on them. Remember that prevention is the key to saving your self from all the troubles and cost of having to do repairs that could have been prevented.