Why You Might Consider Bertram Boats When You Buy Your First Boat or Third

Bertram Boats is a yacht manufacturer based in Miami, Florida. It was founded in the 1960s at the same time that other motor boat companies were also established. The company was the brainchild of Richard Bertram who was a champion sailor. Bertram discovered that he was in love with the sea at an early age. He had his own boat when he was only eight years old and by 10 was already competing in races. He spent his college years in Cornell University as the captain of the sailing team.

He soon founded Bertram and like everything else that he turned to, he was successful with the venture. Bertram Boats were considered right away to be the epitome of high quality vessels. The boats are built to go beyond what the owners expect from the vessels by using only the finest materials that are available in the construction. Bertram boats for sale are some of the best boats you can buy for your money.

There are several factors that can account for the success that Bertram has reached. The two most important of these factors are the commitment to high quality by the founder of the company and the initial deep V shape hull design that was used on the boats. The company has concentrated on building vessels for sport fishing and their Bertram fishing boats are still highly regarded in the field today.

Indeed, used Bertram boats have acquired a well deserved reputation for ruggedness and being able to keep up with the roughest kind of treatment. This is largely owing to the original V shaped design of the hulls used for the vessels. But there is a downside to using that kind of concept. It causes the vessels to lose points on fuel efficiency. Another drawback of Bertram boats is that they offer less space in the interior because of the shape of the hull. This is a major concern for any type of vessel, whether it is for cruising or for pleasure, accommodations are always an important consideration.

The result is that used Bertram boats for sale, and to some extent even the newer ones are almost Spartan in their sparseness as compared with other boats that are loaded with all the comforts that can be jammed into boats generally. Because of the lack of comfort and luxury in the accommodations, Bertram boats were largely seen as vessels for the rugged solo man. While that gained them a loyal following, that reputation also lost them a huge market. They lost connection with the ladies who are not interested in boarding a vessel that does not look promising when it comes to the creature comforts. Now granted, more men are sailor than are women, but still, keeping an eye on some comfort of features would have gone a long way in perhaps allowing more men to buy Bertram boats without negative input from their wives.

Despite the drawbacks of Bertram boats they are still products of great engineering and the quality control used in their manufacture is very strict. The hull used for these vessels are no thicker than those used by other manufacturers, but what matters is the care taken in the construction process. If you are thinking of getting a used Bertram boat today, that is a very solid choice. The prices for these vessels are starting to trend down now. Just make sure that the vessel that you have picked is still in excellent seaworthy condition.