Bias Boating Australia Is All You Need For All Of Your Australian Boating Desires

Bias Boating is the largest boat and sailing supply store in all of Australia. The company was established more than thirty years ago and has a vast experience in supplying their customers with almost any type of boating accessory and supply that can be had. The company is a pioneer in the use of the catalogue for reaching its customers. They offer prices that are discounted for their customers which are mostly boating enthusiasts from all over Australia. They have a very large inventory and they claim to be able to supply most if not all of the parts and accessories needed for boating.

There are many reasons why a majority of boaters within Australia prefer to order from Bias Boating. First of all is the convenience. One can order from the catalogue and just have it delivered. They also offer very good rates when it comes to the shipping charges for their products. As long as it is possible they also deliver the product right to your doorstep. They also have insurance for the shipment just in case something happens to it durin transit, not that it’s likely. Their shipments are packaged in tough and sure packaging.

Of course there are some downsides to their service and these downsides mostly has something to do with the way that they ship their products. First of all they are the ones that decide on the method of shipping. Secondly they charge extra for very heavy materials like anchors, and also big bulky items. They designate these items by stamping an anchor symbol on the packaging. You will only be advised on the additional charge upon delivery of the item and that will depend on your location and the weight of the item. If you are situated on an island or any other spot that is hard to reach then your shipment will be delivered to the nearest transshipment point on the mainland which means that you need to travel in order to get it. Finally, it appears that they don’t ship anything outside of Australia.

Despite all of the disadvantages with the way that they ship out their products, Bias Boating is still very popular because of the vast number of products that they offer and their generally low prices. Here are a few of the categories of products that they can deliver at your doorstep:

Biminis and Covers
Anchoring and Docking
Boats and Motors
Deck Hardware
Cabin and Galley
Engine Systems
Trailer Accessories
Handrails and Handles
Paint and Maintenance
Adhesives and Fillers
Gifts and Flags

As you can see they offer almost everything that you will ever need for your boating activities. If you prefer to shop at a physical store then you can do that with the numerous shops that Bias Boating has all over Australia. They have stores located in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. You can shop there and bring home the quality boating products that you need after picking them up yourself.