Devlin Boats: The Best of Stitch and Glue Boat Building

Devlin Boats are some of the finest examples of stitch and glue construction used in boat building. This type of construction utilizes epoxy glue, marine grade plywood, and stitching in order to piece the boat together. This eliminates the need for the usual things that are commonly required in boat building.

The first step in this form of boat building is to cut the plywood into the exact pieces that are needed for the boat. The pieces are then pieced together using a special form of stitching. This method of construction was popularized in the 1960s for those who are into DIY construction. It was popularized in order to make sailing more affordable to the masses. The creators of the stitch and glue method of boat construction are thought to have been influenced by the traditional form of sewn boat building that can be found in Europe.

Devlin Boats started out in 1977 as one man’s dream and passion come true. Sam Devlin was influenced by the sea even when he was a child. So when he was finally old enough and he could no longer deny the pull that the water and boats had on him, he started his own company. Devlin Designing Boat Builders was the realization of his dream. The boats and plans made by the company all follow the stitch and glue method of boat construction. They use wooden boat construction techniques and the latest technology when it comes to epoxy glue in order to create the best boats ever. The main advantage of their boats is that they remain uncluttered by too much ribbing and framing which can be found in boats that follow a different construction method. This means that Devlin Boats have more room. These types of vessels are also very light and maneuverable.

They also offer kits of their own design. These kits are easy to assemble and construct. These kits can be pieced together by anyone who has a moderate skill in wood working. That means you do not have to be an expert boat builder in order to construct your own boat. The secret to their kit is the use of computer assisted technology in cutting the pieces which lends accuracy to all the parts that will be pieced together. The kits include the wooden parts of the boat made from high quality marine plywood, a jig for the assembly, the instructions for the construction, and the plans.

Here are some of the models for their kits you might like to consider if you want to try your hand at DIY boat building or having the pride of ownership of building your own boat:

5×10 Skiff

This is a very small boat that can be built entirely out of a single sheet of plywood except for some supporting pieces. This is a nimble little craft that you can be very proud of. Buy this skiff kit to build yourself for around $600.

Litl Coot

This is a small sailboat that can fit on a trailer. Any SUV can tow it. You can also store it in your garage when you are not using it. The whole kit for this little sailboat will cost you about $6,000.

Pelicano Shrimper

This boat will give you a smooth ride where other boats can not. A whole kit for this boat will cost you about $6,000 as well.

Those are just 3 of the great boat kits that Devlin boats has to offer. They have more of course and if you’re really interested in building a boat from scratch then take a look at their website for more plans and tips which can be found here.