Why Hyde Drift Boats are the Best

Hyde drift boats are the most sensible choice when it comes to drift boats. The main difference that it offers from other drift boats is the way that it has been designed. With its unique shape and features it actually allows you to ride the current. It forms a connection between you and the water allowing you to engage in water activities as much as you like.

Hyde Drift Boats was founded by an entrepreneur in the 1960s and has been a leader in making flat bottom boats ever since. The company offers a huge range of models that you can pick from and there is surely one there that can be a match for your boating needs. Made from the best materials available, the boats made by Hyde Drift Boats are durable and very reliable.

For those interested in finding the right drift boat you should consider these models from Hyde:

Contender Series

This is a handcrafted boat loaded with so many options and filled with enough storage spaces to keep you well stocked with everything that you need. It uses an all fiberglass construction and matching finish for the interior and the exterior. The 2011 Contender is even equipped with a dry storage box to protect those valuables that you can not afford to get wet. You can get this boat with the trailer that you can use to bring it along to any river and spot where you would like to boat.

Sportsman’s Drifter

The Sportsman’s Drifter is a very lightweight boat designed to reach those hard to access areas for boaters. This boat is very easy to handle and maneuver and you will never have a hard time rowing it.

The Sportsman’s Drifter is designed for use on small bodies of water. With the specialized design of the front piece of this boat you can easily access the water from the front part of the vessel. Although lightweight the boat offers some of the advantages of a full sized boat.

Hyde XL Series

The boats from this series offer longer centerlines and gunwales. This increase in the length of the boat also increases its floating power. That means you can drift even over shallow parts where you would normally not venture. The longer lines also means that you have more space for storing things. You can also adjust the interior of the boat to fit the setting that you want.

There are three models under this series XL High Side, XL Low Profile, and the XL Hybrid. The XL High Side offers an over all length of 17 feet. The additional space means more comfortable arrangements for the rower and the boaters. The construction features high sides which makes the boat manageable in rough water. The XL Low Profile on the other hand features a shorter length. The low side of this boat makes it easy to board and to disembark from it.

These are just some of the benefits that make Hyde Drift Boats the best in the market.