How to Boats Affect the Environment: A Serious Issue

If you are after some relaxation and diversion, you definitely can’t go wrong with riding a boat. How could you go wrong with an activity that provides the ultimate when it comes to relaxation and leaving all of your worries at home or at work? It definitely does the trick since you are taken away from all of your problems and troubles whenever you are going to ride a boat. First of all, you are actually getting closer to nature when you are of riding a boat, as you leave the city and all the hustle and bustle that comes with it, behind you. Even though you know that you will eventually be back into the mix soon enough, the welcome respite of boat riding is certainly something to cherish.

Riding a boat and enjoying the short or long cruise can actually give you the best of both worlds with respect to nature and the environment. For one, you are definitely right there communing with nature and the environment, so to speak, especially if your ride or cruise is happening a little bit farther from the shore and closer to the open sea. You might ride your boat towards an exotic locale that would immediately make you feel that you are almost one with the area and the environment. On the other hand, you are also spared from direct contact with nature, if you don’t happen to relish it, since you safe on the boat. But you just have to wonder if all the boating that’s being done, for whatever reason, is impacting the environment.

The Impact

How to boats affect the environment, if ever there is any? Studies are quick to indicate that there are indeed some effects, and it is not good. The discharges that many boats leave on the water, certainly affect the level of pollution of that particular body of water, whether it is a lake, a river, or even in the seas. Among the actual culprits are recreational boats that leave their sewage discharges in the water. This can cause pollution and damage to marine life, especially if it continues unabated and grows to dangerously high levels. Shallow waters are especially vulnerable to this, and those who are engaging in recreational boating should be more aware of this. Being responsible should be their goal, especially since they are enjoying and having fun while riding a boat.

How ironic would it be if the very same boating would be the cause why the water systems would die and be heavily polluted and contaminated? It would simply be inexcusable. The following are just some of the ill effects of mismanagement of boat wastes on the environment:

• Pose extreme hazard to people’s health

• Contribute to lowering oxygen levels in the water

• Help in spreading diseases

• Endanger the ecosystem in the water

• Make bodies of water extremely unsightly