Finding the Best Bay Boat

I love the water. If I could only help it, I would spend more time on it than I would on land. It’s just the way I feel, and I feel that I am in my best element whenever I am on a body of water or even when I am swimming in a lake, river, or even the ocean. There is just calmness, this inner peace that I feel within me whenever I am near or in any body of water. I guess it is a feeling that’s akin to meditation, a serene feeling that allows me to forget about and go above and beyond the troubles and stress that I have to deal with everyday. It is something that I am extremely thankful for, because at least there is a refuge that I could go to whenever I need to get away from it all.

To maximize the enjoyment that I get from the water, I am planning on getting my own boat, so that I could enjoy another activity that is an offshoot of my love for the water, and that is fishing. Indeed, my own bay boat would be the best way for me to escape from the troubles that my personal wife and even my work give me all the time. I have been dreaming and aiming for a boat for the longest time now, and now I am about to realize it after years of saving up. I’d like to very careful in going about it though, as it is not a very light undertaking and worked long and hard to raise the money to buy it. Getting the best bay boat that I could find, is my priority. I can’t wait to get to the water, and start fishing.

My Bay Boat Options

Here are my options, and I believe that if I choose one of these, I’ll have made a pretty good decision and gotten my money’s worth. Part of my decision to get bay boats is to take advantage of their versatility, what with their ability to handle the open waters and the flats with equal ease. But really, as long as I could fish in peace and be in the water, I’d be happy to get any of these two.

• Gause Built 23 – Made by Gause Built Custom Boats, the Gause Built 23 is one of the best custom fishing boats around, what with very smooth ride, comfortable seating, a new tower design, better bow section, shallow draft, and even more storage. It is closer in size to a smaller flats boat, but it has retained the features of a bigger inshore fishing boat.

• Gause Built 26 – The Gause Built 26 became one of the ideal fishing boats there is, by combining the traits of a saltwater fishing boat and the fishing properties of a flats boat. The great thing about the Gause 26 is that it has become more than just the ultimate fishing boat, but also one of the best family boats out there as well, what with the smooth, comfortable ride and more than ample space for storage.