Looking for the Right Autopilot for Boats

I enjoy boating tremendously. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I consider it to be my most favorite activity or hobby of all. Ever since I first rode a boat when I was a kid in grade school, I have been pretty much hooked on it. From that point forward, I always wanted to board and enjoy a boat ride as much as I can. That is also the reason why when I was already all grown up, working, and had the funds, I made sure I bought my own boat. It was a little beauty of a day boat that I had bought, which nevertheless has enough space to also have my family and a few close friends over.

One of the things that I made sure I learn is piloting the boat myself. Well that was almost a no-brainer considering that I like to go out by myself on the boat. Even though I also enjoy having friends and of course my family enjoy a ride with me, riding and cruising alone I one of the best things that I enjoy. But lately I have thought of getting an autopilot for my boat, so that I can do some fishing even though the boat is going, or just do other important stuff. It led me to wonder why I haven’t thought of purchasing an autopilot for my boat right from day one, but now I’m really decided and determined to get one.

Sail Away With These Autopilots

Autopilot for boats should be considered an indispensable tool when going for a little cruise, whether you’re out for some fishing or just want to relax around. The autopilot will steer the course that you want, and it can even be sequenced with the GPS for much better navigation towards any waypoint. Here are some choices that boat owners like myself could choose to look at.

• Raymarine P70 Pilot Control for Sailboat E22166 – This excellent autopilot from Raymarine provides great control, what with its push button operation controller that allows for unequaled boating experience. Buy this for about $466.00.

• Simrad AP28 Autopilot – Now for those who are into more state of the art autopilots, this one from Simrad is the one for you. It is the one to use for boats that larger and more powerful. Great display and control functions are truly something to marvel at, while the rotary course knob and the follow up power steering makes you realize that it is definitely worth having. Sells for about $3.419.00.

• SI-TEX SP-80L Autopilot Designed f/Outboards w/ Pump & Linear Feedback – Now here is the autopilot that you’d love for your boat if you want one that’s easy to use. Very precise piloting allows you to simply lie back and relax, all the while enjoying the ride. Get this one for about $2,292.00.