What are the Best Boat Names?

A fun loving family that likes to do things together all the time, that’s how I always describe our family. That fact alone makes so thankful that I belong in our family, and I’m certain that each family member just feels the same way. It all starts from our grandparents, and both sides of the family, which then just filters down to our parents and then to us grandkids. The atmosphere when we are together is just unbelievably fun, and I can’t think of any lighter and better moments than when I am with my family. It has always been that way and I feel pretty certain that it will always stay way for us. And when it’s my turn to have a family of my own, I’ll make sure that we are having as much fun all the time.

The fun and enjoyment that the family is always having is sure to step up a notch with our recent acquisition of a new boat. The family has always loved fishing and cruising out in boats along the river from time to time, but we have never had our very own boat. Now that just changed, and we can’t wait to get on it and have as great a time as possible, fishing or simply cruising along leisurely to our heart’s content. But before we can even get on it to start off with the many boat rides and fishing that’s sure to follow, we have to attend to something important first, and that is the naming of our new boat. We need to come up with a short list of the best boat names that we can think of, and then the family will choose from that.

Making Our Choice

We need to name our boat, and we are quickly finding out that it is not that easy to do. The whole family just feels that it would both be nice and proper for us to give a name to our boat, as it is customary and also because it would make it more fun to ride it. It is proving to be quite a challenge, though, and that was something that we did not really anticipate. But we’re still finding it as quite an enjoyable challenge just the same, which is the most important thing for us at anyhow.

The first thing that I saw and the rest of the family learned was that there are so many considerations to think about. There are numerous superstitions that you definitely can’t ignore, and care must also be taken to ensure that no relatives or close family friends will ever be offended by the name that will finally be chosen for the boat. One superstition that we don’t have to worry about is the supposed bad luck that renaming an old boat brings, since we have a new boat. What are usually considered great options are naming the boat after a family member, like a child or parent, or naming it in connection with one’s work or profession. Anyhow, we are already having a blast listing down what we consider as the best boat names from which we will make our final choice.