So What do Boats Mean in Dreams?

Dreams, everyone has them. Some are good, and allows us opportunities to see a glimpse of what it would be like if some of our aspirations come true. And some are not so good, with some that even border on being nightmares, generally believed to be manifestations of our worst fears and misgivings. The dreams that we have is generally classified into those two categories, either it is good dream or a bad dream. And most of the time, after waking up from our dreams and we know and feel whether they are good or bad, we can’t even recall exact details of the dream that we just had. And because of that, or perhaps in spite of that, we continue to be fascinated with dreams, with what possible meanings and significance they might have.

I have dreams to be quite fascinating myself. What usually happens is that I happen to be left wondering about the possible meaning of a dream that I have just had and experienced. I’m not really that serious about it, I really just find it to be fun and interesting, because people tend to connect it with just about everything else that’s happening in their lives. Some people actually take it a little too seriously, and some have even bought into the preoccupation with dreams which almost seems like a little industry unto itself. Recently though, I became very curious about a recurring dream that I have been having. It’s all about a boat, and I am wondering what it means since I love the water and would often go to beaches and the ocean or go fishing.

Boats in Dreams

Boats have been a very prominent part of my dreams lately. It became so much a part of it that I began to wonder what it could all mean. So I did some research to find out what do boats mean in dreams, and here’s what I learned:

I read that if you are dreaming that you are on a boat or about boats in general, it means that you are particularly good at handling your emotions and then being able to communicate it to others. You will have to give consideration to the water that the boat is riding on. Is it serene and peaceful, a little choppy and troubled, or stormy and dangerous? Is it clear or murky? These may actually be indications of how much you are willing to acknowledge who you really are, your personal characteristics and even your failings. If you are seen the dream as about to jump off the boat and into the water, then it might be seen as meaning that you are finally ready to face your problems and do something about it.