Can I Use a Car Battery for Boat or Not?

If I could have my way, I’d always like to travel by water. Yes, I prefer traveling through the water than by any other means, call it as a quirkiness or weird trait on my part, but that’s the way it is. If I take my past into consideration, then there shouldn’t be any mystery about it at all. When my siblings and I were kids, our dad used to take us fishing and cruising on our own little yacht plenty of times. That was when my personal love of the water was forged and that of my siblings as well. It was a feeling that we took with us as we grew up and got to be grown ups ourselves.

The love that I have for the water caused me to be a constant visitor of the nearest lakes and rivers, going fishing and occasionally enjoying some serene boat rides. Those were pretty great times, although I know that it could have been better if I had my own boat. So that was enough to make resolve to have my own boat. That made me work harder than ever in order to save for the money that I needed to make the purchase. At the same time, I also tried to research as much as I could about the details of running and maintaining a boat. Those were things that I have some knowledge of, although I consider it to be largely insufficient. That is the reason I am presently learning technical details about boats, focusing on the motor and batteries used, as I know I would really need it.

Car and Boat Batteries

There are so many things to learn, so I am taking it easy and trying to make it one step at a time so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I’m especially interested about the batteries use for boats and how the engine functions and maintained. I was actually wondering: can I use a car battery for boat purposes or not? It was kind of tricky for me since I was really looking to find a way to save while at the same time get to enjoy the new boat that I will acquire. From what I heard, the batteries used for boats are much more expensive, which is why I am looking for an alternative and I thought maybe I could use my car batteries for it. From what I learned though, it seems that I can use it to start the motor, I just need to make sure that I charge often enough since it will surely be drained more easily. Now this might shorten the life of the car battery, but I can accept that for the meantime.