Steps on How to Make the Best Paper Boat

Everybody loves to have fun. To try and have fun and to actually seek it is probably an inherent trait that each and every one of us has deep within us. And to be honest, with everything that’s happening in the world these days, who wouldn’t want to have some fun from time to time? Or better yet, who wouldn’t want to have fun more often, which would be the surest way to deal with all the stress and all the problems that each faces in their everyday lives. One certainly can’t let all the stress weigh him down and let it dictate how he is going to live his life. That is not the normal way to live, and having fun whenever one can find it is certainly a much better way to live.

There are many ways to have fun, but perhaps among the best is to try and reach back to the way we felt when we were children. Yes, reliving the innocent joys and wonders of youth is probably the best kind of enjoyment that we could all hope for. The purity and the innocence of every aspect of our emotions during those times are simply the best that we could hope for. But of course we can never turn back the clock and go back to those days, so we should just try to do the next best thing – revisit some of the activities of our youth.

The Best Paper Boat

Making paper boats and then playing with it is a simple and yet fun pastime for little kids. I know I enjoyed making paper boats and paper planes tremendously. So it is certainly a treat to do it once again, and if some have already forgotten it, then here are the steps on how to make the best paper boat:

• First, get a paper that is size A4 (8 1/2” by 11”). The paper that is used for ink jet printers would be just perfect for the purpose. Fold it in half from top to bottom.

• After folding it from top to bottom, you will then proceed to fold it from side to side. Unfold the paper and then fold the top left tip until it touches the middle crease. Flip it over and repeat it on the other side.

• Fold the bottom flap upwards, and then repeat the step on the other side. You then have to insert your thumbs into the middle of the paper and then pull it outward.

• Lift one of the bottom flaps and then make it touch the tip. Turn the paper over, lift the other flap and making sure that it touches the tip, and then crease the fold. A triangle should be formed.
• Insert both your thumbs into the middle of the triangle, and then pull outward. Hold the outer tips of the resulting rhombus with your index fingers and thumbs.

• Pull both tips outward, and then flatten it to smooth the sides, and after that the boat is ready to go and float on any body of water.