The Best Flats Boat

Fishing is so much fun. I know that those who have been fishing for a long time will find that it is something of a naïve statement, but I’m a little bit late in discovering how fun it could actually be. Having been mostly interested in sports for most of my life, particularly ball games, I never really got to be familiar with fishing and any similar activities. But I am not really making too much of it since I had a good time with all of the sports that I played in the past. Playing pick up basketball and a little football is still great for me and I still get pumped up for it. I love to be active and keep my fitness on a very high level.

I came to fishing a little late, as I was persuaded to go into it by a few friends who have been doing it for years. They have been convincing me to go into it for some time now, and I have always given a reason or two to avoid going fishing with them. But there was this one time when I was quite bored and didn’t have anything better to do, and they happen to be fishing again. As usual, they tried to take me a long with them and the difference this time was that I actually accepted their invitation. So fishing we went and I could say that the moment I caught my first fish, I was hooked to fishing, so to speak.

Fishing in the Flats

I was unexpectedly caught up in the fun that fishing has to offer. It was different from the activities that I usually enjoyed, so that must have been a point of fascination and attraction for me. I know that it would be a lifelong preoccupation of mine, one where I could simply lose myself over hours of trying to wait for the perfect moment to catch the fish that I’m targeting. And I also found that I love to do my fishing on the flats over any other place. Not that the shallow waters of the flats made the experience any easier, but I just fell in love with doing it there. One of the things that became a priority for me was to get the best flats boat that I could possibly buy. Just to make every experience of fishing more fun and even more complete, I knew that I had to have the best fishing boat at my disposal. Of course I was aware that I need a really good 21 foot flats boat that is equipped with at least a 200 HP motor. I am not saying that this will be the best for everyone, as some might prefer the much smaller and technically inclined skiffs, but that just means that every choice is based entirely on people’s tastes. No one can really say that such and such is the best flats boat definitively.