So Who is Responsible for Avoiding a Collision between Boats

Being responsible is not just an ideal trait; it should be possessed by everybody. At all times, people should be responsible and never fail to recognize its importance and prominence. From the smallest and the simplest things that people encounter and deal with everyday, to the most important matters that can impact entire lives, responsibility is definitely a key. Simply put, if we not have it, or if there is short supply of it then what we would have is utter chaos, or at the very least some terrible disorder. And when a situation that is filled with chaos ensues, then any progress or development is sure to be quite impossible at all. There must also be willingness on the part of those who fail to be responsible to acknowledge their shortcomings and rectify the situation.

An example of a situation where being responsible plays a major part involves vehicles, land based or otherwise. Everyone is well aware of the occurrence of accidents, be it on the road or on water. Undesirable as it is, it is a fact of life and we just need to accept it as it is. I have personally concerned myself with both the safety that should be practiced when dealing with both automobiles and boats, since I have both types of vehicles. And of course I am also aware that there are accidents involving both. Again, being responsible plays a major part in minimizing the occurrence of any accidents, wherever it might be. On example is the collision of boats, which can very well be avoided if the proper measures are taken.

Avoiding Collision between Boats

Avoiding any collisions between boats is a must. Any responsible person who is in charge of operating or running the boat needs to make sure that it is avoided at all costs, even though you have to also be prepared for it. Of course nobody wants any collision or any type of accident to happen, but it is part of being responsible to make sure that you know what to do in case something happens. But if you re the one piloting the boat then it is your responsibility to make sure that all is well by always being aware of your surroundings and looking out for any other boats that might be headed in the opposite direction. Having a vigilant watch, not only by sight but also by hearing, is a must to avoid collisions. Even on a clear day, there must be a watch all times to maintain safety. Who is responsible for avoiding a collision between boats then? The answer, it seems, should be everyone who is in control of the boat at any given time and all of those who are assigned to assist in keeping everything and everyone safe.