Is a Boat a Motor Vehicle or Not?

Riding a boat offers an unbelievable experience. In terms of the fun, excitement, and wonder that one can get from doing so, few other experiences can actually match it, much less surpass it. You don’t even have to love the water for you to be able to enjoy it fully, well at least not initially. Anybody’s love of water would surely be developed and grow to such a heightened degree that they will wonder why they haven’t discovered it much sooner. You can take your pick, you could go fishing or you could just cruise along and just let the time pass by and relax all the while. Whatever it is that you want to do on the boat, the end result is sure to be the same, and that is full and total enjoyment.

I needed to find all of the above for myself, actually. In the past, I was largely indifferent than unconvinced about all of the great experiences that could be enjoyed on a boat. My closest friends took me along on a little fishing trip and I was immediately hooked. From that point on, I was going on regular fishing trips as well as cruises for personal rejuvenation and family outings. And when it came to my family, they came to love it so much, just like me. So much so that whenever we have some time off, the whole family wants to go cruising along in our own boat. Indeed, it has gone to the point that we even bought our boat for the family’s use and enjoyment.

A Question of Definition

Having been quite fascinated with boats and every little detail about it, I have been studying a bit about it. I must admit that there is much to learn, not only because there are different types of boats, but because there are also plenty of details regarding each one. I recently came across an interesting question about boats – is a boat a motor vehicle. It was a question that interested me greatly, so I decided to find out. By definition, a boat is a watercraft of any kind of size that is designed to float and provides passage across water.

A motor boat, on the other hand, is defined as a self propelled wheeled vehicle that does not operate on rails. Propulsion of the wheels is provided by internal combustion engine, electric motor, or a combination of the two. Further research has yielded the information that there states that do not consider a boat as a motor vehicle. An example of this is the state of Florida, which does not consider a boat to be a motor vehicle.