Learning How Fast do Boats Travel

Curiosity is one of the keys to learning. If you are not curious enough, even if you have the natural intelligence that is also important, chances are that those who are curious could match or even overtake you. Without it, you probably won’t go too far in life, since you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are coming your way. And it is true about almost everything, whether it has to deal with learning things in school, at work, or even about the hobbies that people do to entertain and amuse themselves. Being curious lets everyone get to the next level, after discovery makes way to understanding.

I am quite typical in that I have a healthy amount of curiosity myself. Recently it was highlighted by my interest in a new hobby that I had, which is boating. After I was taken by a friend on a few fishing trips aboard his new boat, I was hooked on boating myself. Since it was all so new to me, I was like a little child who was just presented with a new toy. I was that happy and full of excitement and I could not contain myself, and I vowed that I would also have my own boat.

It was a goal that I set for myself, and true enough, I was able to realize it and have my very own boat to ride and enjoy with family and friends. But before that realization, my curiosity has caused me to research almost everything that is possible for me to know about boats. And I have to say that I had a blast doing it, as it was quite enjoyable for me to discover facts that I previously did not know about. Even the little trivia’s were enjoyable to learn.

The Speed of Boats

For researching the little details about boats, I was guided by my insatiable curiosity. There were things that I found out that were important if I was going to have my own boat and there were also plenty of stuff that just seemed completely trivial. One of the things that I wanted to find out was how fast do boats travel? I was expecting that this particular question is going to yield a variety of answers since there are also different types of boats.

The speed of boats is usually measured in knots, since that is how travel on water is measured. Knots mean nautical miles per hour. If you are looking for sheer speed, the fastest speedboats in the world right now reach a speed of over 200 miles per hour. For most boats however, the speed is usually at around 18 to 20 knots (with each knot equal to about 1.15 mph). Cruise ships, on the other hand, travel at around 13 knots. Those vessels are at about 80,000 tons. Of course it must also be remembered that the size of the boat vessel has a lot to do with its speed.